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  1. With rumors circulating about a successor to the McLaren F1, we bring you a new artist's rendition of a new mid-engine McLaren. The word on the street is that McLaren is building a new, two-seater workhorse with a V8 engine, scheduled for 2010 production.

    The original McLaren F1 supercar took to the streets back in 1993, to forever be drooled over by legions of car fans everywhere. Their new car, which may have spawned from prior development work from their now defunct partnership with Mercedes-Benz, is supposed to be of a smaller and more lightweight construction.

    Memories of the McLaren F1 V12 abound: it went 0-100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, topped out around 386 km/h (240 mph), and reighned supreme above all supercars for over a decade. It seems McLaren would need some sort of miracle, or divine inspiration, to build such a legend a second time around.

    Any new McLaren would be in competition with the Bugatti Veyron, and potential Ferrari Enzo and Lamborghini Murcielago replacements. Hopefully, this new McLaren will have the driver-in-the-middle three-seat design the F1 is known for. WCF will of course keep watch over this story, and bring you any news on the new McLaren as it arises.

  2. Audi R8, I can see you in there!
  4. Is this the now defunct partnership that includes them racing in F1 with Mercedes and MB owning a large if not controlling share of McLaren?
  5. There is no way McLaren will make that center seat mistake again.

    Simply: it is impossible to look "cool" getting out of that car. Everyone stumbles out and looks like a d-bag.
  6. the center seat was awesome. that is one of the many reasons why I like the F1
  7. Maybe so - but performance is not the main reason people buy sportscars. Image is.
  8. I agree, the center seat is not really necessary as you only need one passenger
  9. the Mclaren really isnt about image. Its pretty damned plain for a supercar.
  10. For Ferrari posers yes. Mclaren is not for image whores
  11. that center seat is the ONLY reason i'd take one over a CLK-GTR
  12. McLaren is hard at work on Project P11, this willnot be the P8 that rumors keep saying will be coming. The new car will make use a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, with carbon fiber body panels. The engine that is planned to be used will be either a hig-revving AMG developed V-8 or a twin turbo version of the AMG engine that will produce 700+ BHP. McLaren's partnership with Mercedes broke off on devloping the P8, but can you imagine Mercedes-Benz not wanting a rrturn on there investment and 40% ownership in McLaren. Yes, it's true that Mercedes has offically partnered with HWA/ AMG to devleop then newest halo sportscar for there range, but McLaren will develop the new P11 on it's own with as little help as possible form Mercedes.

    The P8 may still see the light of day as model that will be the entry-level model in the McLaren range, this model would use the carbon fiber monocoque chassis from the P11 but with a normally aspitated AMG V-8 and should produce as much as 550 BHP. There are also early plans of McLaren making a new sportscar that would be there offical successor to the SLR, that would be a 2 seat GT aimed at the Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano, this model is said to carry a high-revving AMG V-8 producing 630 BHP.
  13. For a driver in search of the ultimate driving experience the center seat option is paramount. On the subject of new replacement, the drawing and even the idea do nothing for me. The man that made it all happen is now gone and paving his own way with his company and the caparo team/project. There would only be another mclaren F1 if murray were to pen it. I just love the guy's cocky attitude like hes the greatest car designer "the special one", lol just like murinho lol. Admit it, can you really see another mclaren f1 made by someone else?

    Yah and a V8, wtf is that. Mercedes engines need to get some #$%#ng class, put a decent v12 or v10, a v8 just doesnt fit this type of hypercar imo. Considering how much of an automotive historical landmark the Mclaren F1 is, if the new replacement does not have the same policy as the old one, "no compromise whatsoever", it will be a monumental failure.
  14. I hope Mclaren's next car is actually closer to a 997 GT3. I want it to be a real driver's car.
  15. yeah i heard heaps of customers handed back their cars after they got in and out for the first time.

  16. The reason for the switch to a V-8 is namely due to the fact that they want car to be light and have good fuel economy on both road and track. Not just that they qare looking for a direct tie to the Mercedes-McLaren F1 team which use a high revving V-8. The V-10 and V-12 option are for companies that want a bigger engine in hopes that it will compete with the lighter more versitle V-8. Ferrari and Mclaren's war in F1 will soon be headed to the roads, and this will be a shootout of the Titans. McLaren is hard at work developing a true successor to the F1 and having a car that will comepete with Ferrari's FX70( F60) is in ther best interest, especially sice Ferrari has plans for this model to either carry a 4.0 liter twin-turbo direct injection V-8 or a 4.6 liter twin-turbo direct injection V-12, and since Mercedes is the engine supplier fo the P11 the newest V-8 will be the AMG developed 6.2 liter, that can be adjusted to handle higher revvs, as well as twin-turbo's in needed.
  17. I like that illustration, it looks good.
  18. Question. There are stronger, better, lighter composite materials out there besides carbon fibre. Why has no car manufacturer jumped on these composites?
  19. Depends on what they're going for. If they're going to name it the F1, or the successor to the F1...(as an all out sportscar) then they've got it wrong. The center seat was a defining feature of the original, but I can give them going to a two seater. However, stick to a V12...V8s with superchargers/turbos are WAY overdone, and except for recent Jags, don't feel quite this car should be. As for the Mercedes venture, either team back with BWM for the engine, or perhaps Renault.

    I don't see how they're going to get much lighter than 2200lbs while making it feel nothing like a go-kart.
  20. Well Rnault is working ona range of sportscar as we speak,a nd BMW has planns for a new Mid-engined sportscarthat will be built by the M Division,to compete with the McLaren P11 as well as the Z6/Z10 sportscar that will compete with the likes of Mercedes- AMG's SLC. Renault is actually working ona V-8 that will be F1 derived to make there top of the line sportscar a true supercar. Twin-turbo/ Supercharged V-8's are overdone, but lets face it, they make a great amount of horsepower with little effert, and weight. The next wave of supercars will be lighter, with lower horsepower to make them safer and more of true drivers cars. If we haven't learned anything from the Veyron project is that weight and huge horsepower is always great, but a true thriller will always be a Lotus because of it's low displacement engine, and light weight.
  21. Some people say that McLaren is working on an F1 replacement, some people say they're working on a smaller, cheaper car to compete with the F430, and some people say they're working on both. Aren't there also rumors of an SLR replacement, or is MB doing that without McLaren? One possibility is that the smaller car and the F1 replacement are the same car. The rumors about the next Ferrari suggest that the Enzo replacement will be smaller and lighter than the current Enzo. Perhaps McLaren is doing the same thing. That might confuse people into thinking into thinking that they're working on an F1 replacement AND a smaller car. Maybe the F1 replacement will also be less expensive than the F1. That could also add to the confusion. If they've decided to go with slightly less power than the F1, that could mislead people too. A normally aspirated V8 should be good for ~600 hp.

    IIRC, the F1 was even smaller than the F430. I think it would be really cool if McLaren and Ferrari built cars that were even smaller than the F1, but with a level of quality that's way beyond the F430. They wouldn't have to be as expensive as the F1 or the Enzo. Imagine a couple of cars that weigh less than the 2600 lb McLaren and weigh way less than the 3100 lb Enzo. Perhaps the McLaren will have a NA V8 with ~600 hp and the Ferrari will have a smaller turbocharged V8 with ~700 hp. These cars might sell for ~$500k. I'm just guessing, but that would be rawsome.
  22. That's a problem with 95% of all supercardom. Ludicrous performance and unflattering exits just go hand in hand. Personally I think the three-seat setup was a fun, quirky idea that added yet more character to the car - and the brand if they continue to implement it.
    That said, it seemed a bit strange on the F1 given the obsession with weight reduction that produced the car.
  23. not with the HDF added on and nice rims.
  24. What you say is true about both companies needing to build supercars that would compete with one another form the start, that way we can truly see who has the F1 technology and know how to transfer it to the streets.

    McLaren is working ona successor to the F1 as well as a new small car, but the small car won't be put into production until almosta year after the F1 successor takes to the roads, there are plans for a 2 seat SLR succesor from McLaren also, that would use a detuned version of the AMG V-8, Mercedes-AMG are working on the SLC which will be Mercedes-AMG's successor to the SLR but that does not mean McLaren won't make it's own offical successor to it also. As I have heard it McLaren and Ferrari are both aiming at 700 BHP with a light weight supercar targeting 2200 lbs. Yes there are new lighter composites in the world, they are cheaper to use in road cars such as RTM, which is a fiber glass material that is as light and strong as carbon fiber, with smaller cost for producing.The only problem with using materials like this are mainly the fact that they have never tried to make a full car of this material, and won't know how it works under the elements, ina crash test and in serious production.
  25. not when there is a three-some.

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