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  1. Not a copy, but it did take quite a bit from the Fiat X1/9
  2. My car isn't pretentious. What German car does this try to be?

    And don't tell me it doesn't have character.
  3. Try be Japan shit car, have catarract be Japan shit car.
  4. Japanese people don't have souls!
  5. yours just copies early 60's Ramblers and Nash's
  6. Give me a Nissan GT-R over your beloved POS M3 or ├╝berexpensive and slower Porsch-uh.
  7. Since when does German cars have character?
  8. ahaha how about i give you a playstation instead you limpwristed nerd
  9. Too bad the turbo uses the same kind of computers that the GT-R uses.
  10. the 911's that actually matter don't
  11. judging by your avatar you probably define character as something that has shit quality and bursts into flames
  13. this is such an untrue troll statement

    aight i'm out
  14. Character doesn't mean reliability or quality. Also German cars are far from being the most reliable cars on the planet. The same thing can be said for quality.

    In fact the 911 has so much character that it's a stretch version of another car, the beetle, a car also designed by Ferdinand Porsche. Too bad that he copied the design from Tatra, which not so coincidental were also powered by a rear mounted air cooled flat engine.
  15. The Turbo doesn't matter?
  16. Turbo 3.0? of course. Maybe even the 3.3
  17. get it
  18. So you're saying that nowadays Porsche's don't matter?
  19. Yep modern Porsches are zZzz

    only the Cayman and CGT are cool. every 911 after the 993 is zZzz
  20. GT3/GT2 are everything buy zzzz
  21. YAWN GT3RS
  22. lol srsly

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