Renault 5 GT Turbo Can Beat This!!

Discussion in '1996 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota' started by The El Man, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. No joke!

    In Max Power (A UK Modified Car Magazine) a Renault 5 GT Turbo beat one of these down a 1/4 Mile. It was Road Legal as well. It was also faster to 60mph.


    Eat That Lambo!!

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    All right....fine so the Renault can beat it. Lots of cars can. Dragsters, exotics, money spent modifying cheap cars (as in the Renault's case) but so what???? Do you think I'd now rather show up on a date driving the Renault???? heh heh heh I think not. Not only are you comparing apples to oranges but you haven't made a convincing arguement. How many folks that like the Lambo do you think you changed into "Renault" fans OVER the Lambo because of this post? none.
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    yes El Man, Max Power managed to get their hands on an SE30 Jota didnt they?....i think not

    it wasnt an SE30 Jota, or even an SE30, or even a GT

    it was a regular Diablo, and since it was driven by a writer from that magazine, it didnt post very good times since 'professionalism' is not a word you could associate with boy racer rubbish like Max Power

    the 5 Turbo was a twin-engined 500hp car, weighing a lot less than the Diablo, and it only beat it by a couple of car lengths, big deal

    i know this because 1 of my friends told me about the article, which i reluctantly read....nice try though
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    hey el man who cares about what an ugly modified renault can do. why dont we put a t4 turbo on this baby and lets see how good the renault is gonna do. fricking prick.
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    good god!! why do people always go into forums and say that this car can beat this and that that car can beat that, its annyoing, honestly, do you think anyone cares that another car can beat another car? so, join the people like me, dont put down cars just cus something else can beat it... we did that, there wouldnt be a site called, it would be and
  6. Yeah and a Hayabusa will rape a Renault 5 GT Turbo.
  7. Fine, Run the Renault against a Hayabusa in the 1/4 and then report back to us.

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