Rennwagen ?

Discussion in '1900 Mercedes 35HP Rennwagen' started by csebeaumont, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I did A-level German but I haven't spoken a word for 2 years, if I remember rightly Rennwagen is sports car, am I correct in saying that ? I'm really quite impressed by this, 53 MPH top speed ? wow! the 1950's Porsche 356A's only just topped 80 if I remember rightly, this must have been quite a beast, especially looking at those tyres, I would want to take a corner flat out in one of them <IMG SRC=""> lol.<!-- Signature -->
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    renn means race, wagen is vehicle, if I'm not mistaken.<!-- Signature -->
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    In Germany a sportscar usually is called a "Sportwagen" or a "Sportauto". A Porsche 911 for example. A "Rennwagen" is a little bit further up the ladder as it is built for track use and has in most cases no permission to drive on public roads due to the lack of headlights or certain safety features. There are racecars which were modified to pass the regulations to get a permission to drive on public roads though, like the Dauer Porsche 962, the Mercedes CLK-GTR or the Porsche 911 GT1.

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