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Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by KroutCarsRule, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Total bullshit.

    I have had to reserve this car for 5 weeks and I finally got in it. It had been out for 3 weeks straight by some football player.(obviously didn't mind wasting $30,000 on renting a ferrari for 3 weeks. what a dumbass). And about 45 miles out in a small town the #$%#ing clutch burns out. The #%$ that had it before me apparently could'nt drive worth shit. So I got fuc*ed out of a Ferrari that I was gonna have for 2 days and the guy that rented it to me told us tpo have it towed to him. On another note has anyone else noticed how mutch Ferrari a/c sucks. Mabey since this car is rented out so often the freon is leaking or something. Damn it had small trunkspace. I thought it would be like the 355 but it was half the size and the spare tire was slanted at a nangle and took up half the space. I basically got fuc*ed out of 3580$. I mean I was just driving along and then the rpm's go crazy like someone is sticking cluctch in and out then eventually after gearing down to first I am redlining the car at 10 mph in 1st gear. I felt like fuc*ing slamming the gas on and totally ruining the car at that point as I tthought about how I paid 3k to rent a Ferrari and im driving at 10 mph. Just fuc* it up and let the owner deal with it. I just got back and if that guy blames any of that on me I'll kick his ass. I just pulled into a gas station and put the car on a tow truck and had someone pick me up and take me the rest of the way so I wouldnt be late to the place I was going. Didn't have time to go back.
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    Car must have been messed up like crazy. And thats crazy the football player would pay $30million for a $150,000 car.
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    i was gonna rent one of these babies in hawaii but they only had the f355..the f355 has a 1,000 times better sound. so i will always choose the f355 b4 a 360 spider or modena
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    O yea man... I also rented their f355 and that was shit too... Back window cracked, torn leather... And the handbrake was broken lol. Had to put into gear to keep it from rolling away... But at least that one had working doorlocks and actually drove.
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    Car must have been messed up like crazy. And thats crazy the football player would pay $30million for a $150,000 car.


    No, I think he meant the football player paid $30,000 for the hire of the car.


    And I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune; unfortunately, most rental cars turn into rent-a-wrecks, because the fools who own them have no idea how to properly maintain them, and on top of that, most idiots who hire them have got no clue how to drive them.
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    I dunno if you scored some bad crack and jumped in a '84 plymouth or something, but I know no Ferrari would do that, unless the football player used it for a blocking sled or something. Ferrari makes the best cars on the planet. And maybe you shouldnt judge a a RENTAL.
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    Man your defensive...

    Don't tell me if it was or was'nt a Ferrari. And Im not judging the car by a rental... Look at the tile "RENTED #@%@%" not "THIS CAR IS #@%#%"
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    i want to rent much and what are the rules?
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    1,300$ per day, must be 23, like a 5k deposit, insurance, the whole works, its 1,300k per day. For every day you drive it you get 100 miles, so if I rent it for 2 days and pay 2600$ then I get 200 miles and every mile over that is .75$. I ended up trading 2 days in that broken ferrari for 4 days in a porsche turbo and 2 days in a dodge viper all for the same price.
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    thats pretty expesive, $1300 a day, i think that the rental was just a peice of crap that was not taken care of, i think most of the other ferraris would be a little different, maybe if u go 2 a different rental place they will be diff.
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    Hahahahahaha!! Yeah reliability 100%??? NOT AT ALL!!
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    AHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Another shit Ferrari!?!? Is this coincidence??? OR NOT??
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    Hmmm or maybe you shouldnt assume that "Ferrari makes the best cars on the planet"!
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    Do you have something against all italian cars or soemthing
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    Nope, you? I just find it funny.
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    Nope i dont, i just think there way 2 expensaive 4 the HP 'n performance dont u
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    People never understand shit. Ferraris are meant to be expensive. It just wouldn't be a Ferrari if it was affordable. OMG. So people talking shit about performance per dollar just don't get it. Ferrari will nearly always lose because it's expensive.....just the right price it's supposed to be!

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