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  1. I did a photoshop of the old Aston Martin DBR9 Race Car. What do you think of it?
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  3. I don't really like the colors you chose but you did a pretty good job.
  4. you either like or dislike it. Don't be two sided, you hypocrate.
  5. Does it glow in the dark?
  6. He isn't being two sided. He said you did a good job with the finish but he didn't like the colours you chose. Sort of obvious.

    I hate it. The colours disgrace the car. However you did do a good job with the finish.
  7. It's not glow in the dark how your toy might glow in the dark, but some teams have special decals theat glow when you put light on them.
  8. british racing caca green gotta go
  9. British racing green owns every other possible color you could paint an Aston.
  10. good work... but the colors have to be changed
  11. hmm... the overall car does look nice, and im happy that you tried to tie in the main color in with everything else, which looks better than just slapping on chrome rims. but i hate to agree w/ everyone else, but you could have picked a different color. the one you picked doesnt look too bad, and it is the one that aston uses for it's racing team, but i'm always biased to a bright, vivid red; something like ferrari red, but that would look like crap on this car. what i would do is us something like a pure white for a more refined look, or a darker color, like black or a realy dark grey for a more badass look, it's your call, i'm just giving suggestions.
  12. cars should NEVER be pastel colors.Stick with the Brit racing green a classic....
  13. You know nothing. That is the same color Aston Martin has raced with for more than 70 years! They won Le Mans overall in 1959 with a DBR1 in that same shade of green.
  14. wasn't alive then but thanks for sharing.
  15. Either was I, but I still like to be knowledgeable on classic cars. That way I can pwn n00bs like you.

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