Republican women vs Democratic women

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mpg, Dec 2, 2010.

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  2. windows movie maker video. closed youtube after 5 secs.
  3. Is not surprising maybe democracy make woman fat lazy and ugly. Everyone in China knows this.
  4. liberal women do more stuff in bed
  5. hahaha. Very true. Liberal women are freakin nasty as #$%#. Republican women always have so much more class and grace. Democrat women are always big fat ugly women that clunk around. Hell, just look at Laura Bush compared to the orangutan we have for a first lady...
  6. I watched that airbrush montage out of courtesy. It was awful.

    This is persuasive
  7. what
  8. lol JSpecer has a boner for Laura Bush gross
  9. makes sense as good looking people are always stupid
  10. Look at this racism, unbelievable.
  11. orangutan? she doesnt even have red hair

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  13. wow....
  14. Go to any college or university and look around. Thousands of smoking hot chicks, and 80% liberal.
  15. oh my
  16. "I will no longer try to threaten Obama and his beautiful monkey family"
    Uncle Ruckus.
  17. common knowledge for every man except republicans, lol.
  18. common knowledge for every man except republicans, lol.
  19. Republican women strike me as missionary position followed by some bland turkey with mash potatoes.
  20. Lol. How can Jay be so #$%#ing retarded all the time.
  21. Because he wants a decorative license plate?
  22. So what about Libertarian and Independent women.
  23. and are willing to have an abortion after getting knocked up
  24. Maybe 80% of the professors are liberal, but I'm not so sure about the student body. Even if they are that liberal in college, they turn more conservative as they mature.

    BTW, this is a Republican vs Democrat thread. Conservative vs liberal is somewhat different.
  25. It's common knowledge that Republicans are more educated than Democrats.

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