Republicans acting like Democrats

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. I have started to call the GOP republicrats. compassionate conservatism is alright, but neo-con liberal atittudes are ruining the GOP.
  2. The religious right is ruining the GOP...
  4. If we take that attitude, we might as well just not vote.
  5. Don't forget that the Democrats still control the media. That prevents the Republicans from doing the things that they really want to do, because the media will distort those things to make them sound completely different from what they really are. Any spending cuts would be described as sadism, and the Republicans would get hurt in the next elections as a result. Just be happy that they're not doing the crazy things that the Democrats would've done if they controlled things.
  6. Yes, truth.
  7. They don't do anything about illegal immigrants because they have them cutting their lawn and cleaning their pool.

  8. Republicans - domestic e thugs
    Democrats - stupid hippie giveaway foundation
  9. Take a look. All politicians are the same, dipshit. Nobody wants to shake anything up. That happens all the time.

  10. Well, the new Congress is not even in session yet. Let's wait to see what happens when they get in there. Hopefully something substantial, especially in the area of social security.
  11. Lame. Democrats had a douchebag as candidate your beloved kerry backed up by michael the pig moore.They failed in the election.Democrats are very often leftists who fail sense of realism, objectivity and forward thinking.
  12. Why do you hate a filmmaker so much? He doesn't alter the facts anywhere near as much as you Jesus-people on this site claim.
  13. Like any good journalist, he doesn't present all the facts, just the ones that serve his purpose, and then only out of context, unless it serves his purpose. That's not a problem, in addition to that, he distorts facts like crazy, so you really don't get any facts.
  14. you're kidding, right?
  15. How about people just act like people. The whole republican democrat thing is stupid anyways, because half the time people are taking the side of their party without even taking the time to understand the issue for themselves and then analyzing. I know people who are with democrats on 1 issue, but since they are "card carrying republicans" they just go with their party like sheep. It's pathetic. Do away with the party system.
  16. He doesn't distort facts any more than let's say campaign managers for politicians do in campaign ads. His films show his own views, they're not meant to be unbiased and balanced. And he does have some points, for instance how the murderrate might have something to do with how it's reflected in the media, and in F9/11 he shows how hard it is to lose someone in a war.
  17. "they're not meant to be unbiased and balanced"

    Yes they are. It's a documentary. Do you know what a documentary is?
  18. I've never heard him claim it's a documentary.
  19. Moore has said ~1 000 000 times that he wants people to see the truth about the Bush administration and he intends to show it to them. The kind of film that does such things? A documentary.
  20. Michael Moore is full of shit and a depressed moron. Michael Moore puts what he thinks to be true in his crapshit cheap lame ass movies. Only braindamaged and brainwashed people believe like in the Holy Graal in Michael the fat pig Moore movies. The majority here knows that Michael Moore movies are blattant bullshit filled with scummy steaming pile of shit lies. But you didn't know that obviously because you probably don't have a well enough developped capacity of analysis and capacity of understanding things.You seriously fail at argumentation. Before trashtalking republicans get your facts straight and get solid proofs to back them up.
  21. Yet he has accepted many awards such as best documentery. If he beleived they were not documenteries, then he would of done the right thing and not entered into those categories.
  22. You fail at life, you moronic prick. You're too blinded by your belief that nothing Moore says can be true, and you can't see the points that he sometimes actually makes. Yes, they're wrapped in with half-truths and distortions, yet he still makes some points. And please enlighten me of when I've trashtalked republicans.
  23. half the points he actually made in F9/11 without using a bunch of half-truths and distortions were fücking common knowledge as it is.
  24. First time I saw bowling for columbine I thought it was funny and insightful. Then I realized Moore was not joking and I because scared.

    A good example is the scene at Lockheed. I thought Moore was just pointing out how stupid the newsmedia is for blaming the newsmedia. He came up with another completely implausible scenerio, like music, was the reason for the killing. I thought it was brilliant. I though he was showing that the news media comes up with half brained ideas and completly misses the bigger picture. But sadly I think Moore actually believed that building rockets to launch commercial sats, actually could have caused the horrible deaths.
  25. You said that right"He doesn't alter the facts anywhere near as much as you Jesus-people on this site claim." I am not blinded by my beliefs but you are obviously trying to pass an idiotic movie maker for someone clever when he isn't.By calling Republicans Jesus people you trashtalked them.

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