REQ: bmw roadster/roadster gone coupe

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  1. REQ: BMW Z3

    Nice pics Raging Bull and Slayer !

    Slayer => the 2nd and 3rd pics are a Ac Schnitzer ? You take this pics at Vincennes ?
  2. REQ: BMW Z3

    Z4 Coupe=Z3 Coupe > Z4 > Z3
  3. REQ: BMW Z3

    do fuCking want soooo bad.
  4. REQ: BMW Z3

    I doubt if it's a AC Schnitzer, maybe the grill parts are made be them I guess..and no, didn't make them!
  5. REQ: BMW Z3
  6. REQ: BMW Z3

    This site is really crappy
  7. REQ: BMW Z3
  8. REQ: BMW Z3

    It was shit to drive though
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  10. REQ: BMW Z3

    some more Z8 piccies
  11. REQ: BMW Z3

  12. REQ: BMW Z3

    I like
  13. REQ: BMW Z3

    Let's just turn this into a post any bmw roadster/roadster gone coupe thread
  14. no it isn't
    it is a GT convertible, not a supercars
  15. yo man, that's not a koenigsegg

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