Req: Wallpaper Quality Diablos

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Ferrari 14c 15d, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Any one have Wallpaper quality images of Diablos, Preferably later models w/out the pop-up headlight, Please & Thank You
  2. sick photo, thanks
  3. When you say wallpaper quality, are you looking for any Diablo pics @ a certain resolution or are you looking for whatever resolution but only the sweeter shots?
  4. big pictures, preferably sweet shots
  5. post #4, what diablo is that on the right?
  6. the orange is the GTR I think, the gold one is the last produced Diablo, a 6.0 SE
  7. Here you go
  8. why does it have round intakes?
  9. I freakin love this car. Someday....
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  11. Hazah! Haha, saw your car today... also, didn't see you out at the Bullrun. Wasn't really spectacular anyway, to be honest. Some of the cooler cars didn't show.
  12. were you at Lotus?

    I was working all day so I could not make it.

  13. Yeah. I was in the area and had my camera (though I didn't end up taking any pics) so I dropped by. I also wanted to see if Chad knew anything about what was going on with Bullrun as I hadn't received that phone call from the PR people yet.
  14. heres some ,i hope they upload...
  15. A nice studio shot of one of my Top 3 Diablos
  16. To me the most awesome Diablo ever built!!!
  17. I like the normal GTR (like the one in your previous post) a lot more.
  18. here you go

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