Request: early 80's Australian full size sedans

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    I really like the early 80's Australian full size 4 door sedans. I think they are cooler looking than the full size American sedans from the same time period. I love the early 80's Holden Statesman DeVille / Statesman Caprice (WB), and Ford LTD (ZJ / FC / ZK / FD / ZL / FE).

    Please share videos, photos of exterior and interior, as well as information here please, like their market segment, how well they were sold, and what was it like to drive them. Thanks.

    And are there any other Australian vehicle from this category during the early 80's? Holden Statesman and Ford LTD are the only ones I know.


  2. youre like that australian guy who loves everything from the 90s and only things from the 90s
  3. That looks like a Nissan President from the 80's

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  4. i think this might be able to help

    i love looking at malaise era american cars and the gall that the big 3 had to try and sell them
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  5. This is like the most Brougham like Japanese car ever. Even more so than the Toyota Century.
    Those vertical chrome grills and hood ornament looks right at home on an Malaise-era American land yacht.
    And the interior also looks quite American. Just enough shiny wood to make it resemble a Buick or a full size Chevy from that era.

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    Nothing screams "Brougham" more loudly than the 80's K-Cars and the M-Bodies from Chrysler .
    Decorate a cheap car with ultra thick and soft pillow seats, lots of chrome, and plastic wood, and pretend it's a Lincoln or Cadillac competitor is the pinnacle of Malaise and Brougham.
    But I got to admit these interiors do look quite nice. They look so soft and comfy. The guys at Chrysler probably got their inspirations from living rooms of Gilded Age mansions.

  7. My father had one. Very comfy. Decent acceleration.
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    Which one did you dad have?

    A friend of mine had a 1990 Chrysler Imperial, like the one in video below. I hated the way it looked on the outside. Comparable cars from Ford and GM were much better looking. But the Imperial had one of the nicest interiors of any car. A lot of my friends had Malaise era land yachts back then, just about every mid to full size American car you can think of that were built from 1975 to 1990.

    Nobody drove anything cool like sportscars or muscle cars. So those land yachts and Brougham cars were the most interesting cars I got to ride in.

  9. 88-89 New Yorker.

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