Request: Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by fedex690, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Please post any and all pics of various colors and also some desktop worthy pics of both coupe and convertible Daytonas. I'll share some more of mine when I get back.

    Thanks guys
  2. This was on sale near me. Original RHD Spider - one of like 7 in the world
  3. I saw that red one at Meadowbrook. GORGEOUS car!
  4. this car looks so great
  5. it has a seriously mean looking stance to it
  6. the last two posted are fake
  7. which last two?
  8. the two black spiders ( the one you posted and the one before that )
  9. I love this car!
  10. sure does!
  11. Can't vouch for the authenticity of the one with the '02.
  12. Daytona comp is one of the sexiest cars EVER
  13. I saw one on the streets of Monaco.
  14. It looks a bit like an old Corvette..I like it al lot
  15. its a replica.
  16. Some Pictures I took of a Daytona Comp. at last years Caramulo MotorFest
  17. More, and thanks for sharing guys
  18. More, (add images is screwing up)
  19. the last of mine
  20. It looks so unbelievably good from the rear.
  21. And it sounded amazing going uphill, and its echos from 2/3 km's away in a mountain road were glorious.
    Interior pic

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