Request:pic of cars with xenon light

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by rayyan345, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. The highest ks of HID that i'm aware of so far is 12000K. Blue, purplrish color
  2. hmm i wonder which car has 12000k.any pics of it?..also i heard that it come it blue, purple and yellowish white
  3. 12000K is damn near violet.
  4. As Bugatti4evr said, it represents the color temperature, not he light output (lumens). Anything over ~5500K is bad.

    This is from some random site I found on Google, but can be confirmed by virtually anyone that knows what they're talking about:

    * Kelvin is a measure of colour temperature and NOT the actual lighting power or output
    * It is generally accepted that the best Kelvin rating for optimal human night vision is between 3800 and 5500 K
    * All our 35 W HID kits run at 4100 K , and our 50W Racing kits are available at 4000 TO 5500 K
    * Anything over 5750 K and human vision and depth perception is significantly reduced
    * Anything over 6000 K and the actual lighting output/power reduces exponentially
    * Many companies claim to offer 8000- 12000 K Bulbs ...if this were true the headlight would shine DARK BLUE TO EVEN DARKER PURPLE !!
  5. Oh, you sure as shit can. But using how much electricity/generating how much heat? Sodium-Quartz arc bulbs will produce a metric shitload of light, but they take like one billion watts to run and get hotter than the surface of the sun.
  6. hotter than the surface of the sun?wouldn t burn the car?
  7. here is the test for you....if the light emitted on the ground is blue or in the spectrum of have a junky ass civic or other retarded junkbox with aftermarket bulbs.
  8. not exactly a car but nice
  9. Xenon, not neon.
  10. i know it has them but just cant see them in that small pic. its still a sweet truck though

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