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  1. Pagani, though Koenigsegg is a very close second. Both of them came out of basically nowhere, though Pagani had worked for Lamborghini.
  2. The fact that SCC has nearly 4 % is hilarious
  3. Pagani, for being absolutely brilliant with his car. The Pagani Zonda F is simply the best Italian supercar on the market.
  4. "buggati just stick aload of turbos on and call it suprerme engineering"

    You're hilarious!
  5. I agree. I dont care how much passion it has, I vote Saleen.
  6. Pagani's are amazing cars!
  7. Koenigsegg
  8. P A G A N I !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no question about it! the zonda is a dream machine. carbon fiber all over. hand-made. this thing is alive, it has a soul. koenigsegg is also a very respectable rival, but lacks that "uniqueness"..
  9. no question also. The Pagani. I borders on the edge of being....alive
  10. koenigsegg and ssc for me.
  11. B Engineering, despite that it doesn't really count, but it's my fav monster. When I opened this thread I also thought of Ascari, but that could've been a bit more than just a decade ago already that they started out.
  12. Dauer <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  13. Everyone should be respected.
  14. Pagani and Koenigsegg are at equal stature for me. but if I had to pick one I'd have to go with Pagani.
  15. Didn't someone else make more or less the exact same thread like a week ago...
  16. Saleen or Pagani.

    The Koenigsegg line up lacks the refinement and development of the other two.
  17. Pagani."let's leave Lambo and build a better car" mission accomplished
  18. as much as i want to vote saleen, pagani
  19. For all the hoops Steeve has jumped threw and all the accomplishments on the race track I voted Saleen.
  20. I agree. Saleen is the only one to win a major race. Heck, they're practically the only one on that list that has raced, Pagani shouldn't count as a race car, haha...
  21. the one who packed his bags and sketches, moved to italy, lived in a tent, and sweeped floors gets my respect.
  22. most threads in Comparisions are made every week
  23. its the same thread, someone just bumped it.

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