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  1. im a big fan of gm (CORVETTE c5-r!!!!!) and even they can see that this is one great car! i shud speak of this since a lot of ford lovers are comin in here sayin this sucks but i think it is great for that kinda hp it has great speed, acceleration, and traction on the ground. everything a ford needs.

    but when it does come to the lemans circuit, the c5-r will kik anything in its path but i will still be rooting for the both teams mclaren and corvette c5-r the great "yellow" team<!-- Signature -->
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    I think the F1 is best race car of all times. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    F1 blows. the cars have so many computers the drivers don't do jack sh1t any more. all they do if turn. The computer automaticly does launches, they jsut need to push a button for a down shift, and they are just practicly doing what you could do in a video game. Le mans kicks the shit out of F1 any day.
    P.S- i would like to see your car drive for 24 hours strait.<!-- Signature -->
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