Resto-Mod ’58 Corvette Roadster With LT1

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    We see a lot of cars at RK Motors Charlotte. So many, in fact, that it takes something special to impress us. Every once in a while, a car comes through the doors that simply blows everyone away. This 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster is one of those cars. This incredible Corvette, built at a cost of more than $200,000, combines modern technology and performance into one of the most timeless body styles ever conceived. And unlike so many “resto-mod” projects, this one treats the original Corvette with respect, giving it Corvette power, Corvette suspension, and a set of great looking rims that would be right at home on any classic Corvette. Gorgeous to look at and thrilling to drive, this roadster will be the star of any show it attends.

    Loads of pics here:
  2. Love it
  3. Those wheels are terrible and do not suit the car at all.
  5. Doesnt matter. You could put cheap shitty winter steely rims on it and it would still look hot.
  6. LT1 is a weird choice of engine, considering all of the options out there. Killer looking car though. Even like the wheels, though I'd rather them be 16s.
  7. lt1 seems like a terrible engine choise
    wheels look fine to me, not perfect but i feel like theyd look better in person
  8. horrible motor and horrible wheels, they should have put a 427ci l71 or a 409ci in that car
  9. what about a 540ci
  10. Can't be a big block brawler without it.
  11. A Merlin V12 of would been a better choice.
  12. I bet they went with LT1 because it dates back to the original SBC that was in that vette
  13. whats so unique about this? Old corvette with modern parts. woop-ti #$%#ing do and no i did not read the whole article.
  14. Make a Ford P68 or get #$%#ED
  15. lt1 cool whats it got like 150hp
  16. a tire shredding pavement pounding 260whp
  17. 260 horses #$%#in sweet

    bet you might be able to get a slight chirp from the tyres
  19. of course it matters you tool
  20. yawn

    another resto mod vette
  21. Ban this n1gger.

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