Revealed: Ariel Atom V8

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  1. No sane person could think that the existing supercharged version of the Ariel Atom is lacking in urge – but the Somerset-based sportscar maker has decided to raise the bar regardless, with a V8-powered version of its skeletal roadster.

    The “500” refers to both the supercharged 2.4 litre V8 engine’s claimed power output of 500 bhp and the target weight of 500 kilograms. Which, to spare you the maths, translates as a power-to-weight ratio of 1000 bhp / tonne. Both power and weight figures are identical to those claimed by Caterham for its forthcoming supercharged Levante. Unsurprising, as it turns out – as the Ariel shares the same Russell Savory developed motor as the Caterham.

    The bike-derived V8 engine weighs just 90 kg and produces peak power at a dizzy 10,000 rpm. Drive is delivered through a sequential gearbox controlled by paddle shifters. The Atom 500 will also feature both launch and traction control.

    The 500 will be distinguished from lesser Atoms by major twin air intakes for the intercoolers, plus a gold colourscheme for the wheels, chassis tub and bodywork. Vast carbonfibre wings sit at each end and will be capable of producing serious aerodynamic downforce.

    No performance figures or targets are have been released yet, but the 300 bhp Atom Supercharged blitzed all competitors in last year’s 0-100-0 challenge. According to Ariel boss Simon Saunders, the 500 should be substantially quicker and is clearly targeted at breaking records:

    “This is an interesting project for us and an experimental departure from what we normally produce. For a few customers the Atom 500 will be the ultimate expression of lightweight performance and represents the outer limits of what’s achievable in a road-registered car.”

    The Atom 500 will go on sale in the spring. Prices have yet to be finalised, but Ariel promises it will be “competitive on cost as well as performance.”
  3. "The 500 will be distinguished from lesser Atoms by major twin air intakes for the intercoolers, plus a gold colourscheme for the wheels, chassis tub and bodywork"
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  6. like a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds wasn't enough.
  7. 'hayabusa' V8s are just damn awesome..

    and i think its 2.8L not 2.5L.. tho if hartley is anything like Powertec.. who makes the 'suzuki v8' from 2.0-2.8L..
  8. mclaren777's friend is making that car. He's literally been following the project since Day 1.
  9. is that you luke?
  11. The RST is based on Yamaha 1000cc engines, not Hayabusa engines, but even earlier on in development the cylinder heads were the only parts still shared. At this point I figure it's probably 100% bespoke.
  12. #$%# off
  13. ? he's right
  14. so? who cares
  15. HOLY CRAP! thats Caparo territory!!
    Radical who?

    my only concern is the weight distribution, im sure that engine isnt too heavy but sitting all the way back there like it does may screw up the perfection that was Ariel, time will tell i guess
  16. Again with people associating more power and more cylinders with higher weight, look at the Caterham thread.
  17. well, whats the weight of the civic-R engine compared to this new V8?
  18. I don't know for sure, but I'd be pretty damn surprised if it's less than 90kg with the supercharger and all other accessories. Not to mention the RST block is shorter, so it will most likely actually benefit weight distribution.
  19. Pretty a super bike w/ four wheels.
  20. WOW...all i gotta say.

    Ariel should move downmarket aswell, they should make an even more minimalist version Of the ariel 300, emphasizing low price, and using a smaller engine....imagine a 15,000 Euro Ariel.
  21. This and the Caterham RS
    Can't wait for the 2008 Autocar's 0-100-0 contest!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. man atoms are awesome
  23. Neat, but I'd sooner take the original
  24. low cost= high volume=difficult to manufacture=small profit margins.

    Cant see that one happening.
  25. I hope it has traction control or it will fail....or at least tires that are twice as wide....but DAMN is this awesome!

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