Review Of Mugen Civic RR

Discussion in '2008 Mugen Civic Type-RR Experimental Spec' started by Ferrari 14c 15d, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Thanks mugen for starting yet another #$%#ng stupid ass trend, its not enough ri1!c3rs spray paint their hoods black now the whole front of the car will be black claiming its g0T teh MUGEN POWAH YO!!!!1
  2. I had a car that had body panels of three different colors, too.

    It's still not cool.
  3. you all are still not cool...

    its dumb the hood is not carbon fiber to but other then that its pretty hot so shut it
  4. pretty weird how the wheel arch is red though..
  5. lol looks alright but still is a damn civic.
  6. Kinda reminds me of this '96 Neon that's not too far from where I live... it's red with chrome wheel arches... yup, almost as tacky as that Civic.
  7. I think they could have stuck to something a little less "hard to look at"...still a Civic no doubt about that.
  8. I think they could have stuck to something a little less "hard to look at"...still a Civic no doubt about that.
  9. go fu ck yourself, you're a #$%#1ng moron' it's carbon fiber. it's not ricer if its got power

    P.s. M power=5h1t

    MOPAR=German Stomper
  10. you all suck. This civic is carbon fibred body with an awesome engine. this engine doesnt really belong in the civc. its the h22 engine that is the torquest motor outta the honda bunch. this is not a rice engine, its the one that is made for the heavier accords and preludes. so #$%# off and dont call this rice. itsa great motor, i have the 200bhp 160lb.ft tq h22a1 (pretty much the 92-96) jdm version of this motor in my 1992 accord and stock, i will pull on stock gt 4.6l mustangs, and z28 camaros. this is not a high rev engine found in the s2000 or civcs and other "ricers". this is made for low end torque and decent high rpms. #$%# you and your ignorant thinking.
  11. I'd say all you guys are retarded and don't know anything about this car.

    First of all the car is a concept.

    Second of all it has brembo braking package
    A suspension that was tuned on the racing track.
    Aerodynamic kit.
    Weight Reduction(Using carbon fiber)
    176ft-lbs of torque.
    K20 engine..bored.
    Not H22.

    This car was made to race on the track.
    If you think it's rice...than you're probably

    If you buy something based on what its called or what it is, i'd say you're not a REAL racer nor know much about performance.

    This car lives up to it's tuning. It's regular Mugen Civic RR has performed.....and this has improvements made which should perform even better.
    Putting more Ferrari's, Porsche's, and etc etc to sleep and awakening their drivers as they're passed by a stock mugen tuned civic.

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