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  2. Rice usually doesn't have 900 hp packed under the hood. This is more of an over done super car then rice.
  3. Saleen S7 TT power but 12mph slower?
  4. saleens got better aerodynamics and less weight
  5. you are a tard. NONE OF THE S7's ever reached anywhere near their claimed top speed or 0-60 times. Saleen was notorious for OVER INFLATING PERFORMANCE SPECS.
  6. It has 750 not 900.... It has the capability to put out 900, but they didn't Use the maximum air volume that the chargers could produce.

    And I agree it is very over done.

  7. You're sleeping on the fact that the Saleen is almost 1000 lbs lighter....
  8. When road and track tested the S7 TT on the runway against the Venom 1000TT, they got the S7 up to 223 before they ran out of runway... The runway was 2 miles long and they they said the thing was still accelerating and quite capable of the *est 240 mph top speed. I'm pretty sure the thing gets to 240 or close. But it doesn't matter, it's a track car.
  9. I love GPower

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