Ricey Lambo

Discussion in '2000 Lamborghini Diablo Coatl' started by drunkenmonkey, Aug 10, 2002.

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    the gto is the original musle car but thats a differnt matter i agree this does look like the work of a r-i-c-e-r and what about you cant say r-i-c-e on this site thats stupid the top speed is amazing looks really dont matter when its that fast and mustangs are girl cars
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    Why is it anything that looks different than the norm is considered ugly.I for one think that this car looks awesome.Who's with me?

    PS:If you don't like the color, get a #$%#in' paint job you cheap son s of bitches

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    Sure it looks ricey...is that really a bad thing? I mean seriously people...I think it looks great. Of course, most of you anti-ricers would probably balk if you saw my 300zx. Oh well, to each his own.<!-- Signature -->
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    this is one of the nicest lambos made! wtf u talking about.. I dont think lambo has ever made an ugly car except for a few models... there is nothing wrong wit this car and if u dont like the color get a damn paint job!! its that easy to change the color!!
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    if it has the preformance to back it up, i dont care if it looks like the r word which i cant use. i hate those little pissants in their civics with new rims and sport exhausts and NOS stickers, who think their car is the fastest, despite the fact they have done no engine mods at all.

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