Richard 'the hamster' Hammond crashes yet again

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    he BBC Top Gear presenter was one of eight people left shaken up after the crash on a roundabout on the A40 near the village of Over in Gloucestershire.

    It is thought "The Hamster" was on his way back from a flying lesson when he ran into the rear of a Nissan Almera.

    Police say the accident happened at 12:30pm on Saturday and also involved a BMW 3 Series and a Volvo V40.

    Sergeant Paul Whale of Gloucestershire police confirmed the vehicles were involved but said no prosecution was being launched.


    He said: "There was a collision between four vehicles at approximately 12:30pm, but there were no injuries. It was all settled between the parties involved, who exchanged insurance details.

    "No prosecution has been requested by anyone involved, and there was no recovery requested, so all vehicles involved must have driven away from the scene.

    "Police attended the scene only to deal with traffic build-up."

    A spokesman for the BBC said: "Richard was involved in a minor collision and nobody was hurt."

    The Morgan AeroMax has a 4.8 litre BMW V8 engine and is capable of speeds of up to 170mph.
  2. I hope the Morgan is ok.
  5. should he really be flying?
  7. That hippie needs a haircut.
  8. Hammond drives like me.
  9. an asian
  10. i hope he's not in a coma

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