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Discussion in '2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe' started by Supercarstudent, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Beautiful how this great debate came from "Ride Height". I don't know crap about anything, so I think I'll just kick back and learn.
  2. The porsche does not have a chassis similar to a kia, and who cares if it has the same layout as a beetle? Porsche have made it work and it drives and handles a damn sight better than the vette and the viper

    all i can say about the viper is watch the review on 5th gear by jason plato.
  3. Porsche has god like quality, and has mastered rear engine design, but the Viper can out perform Porsche's 911 and even Carrera GT in the corners.
  4. Are you serious?
  5. Are you serious?
  6. I was pointing out using extreme generalities to describe something. It has a steel unit body just like a kia. The rear engine design is a bad idea, executed extremely well.
  7. That was a wow thread.

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