Ridiculous video of US Hummer in Iraq

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by CSTUBS, Jan 30, 2007.

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  2. wait, you hate the americans because one of its soldiers was playing with some iraqi kids?
  3. no .. sorry let me rephrase. I hate the american army. And your a f_ucked up individual if you think those soldiers were "playing" with those Iraqi kids.
  4. okay. i got it. you hate the american army because you've seen a movie on the internet with some of its stupid soldiers toying with some iraqi children.
  5. And in 20 years guess who flies into the freedom tower.

  6. A lot of people hate the US, but they lie about the reason.
  7. If i was in the hummer i wouldnt want to stop either, the water thing was pretty cruel, military is mostly kids my age, what do you expect?
  8. 2 choices
    drive like that or get ambushed and killed. (and probably civilians around you)
  9. The first video is just to escape ambush.

    The second one is just complete idiocy.
  10. Threads like these make me hate members with caps lock usernames.
  11. so what's the real reason then?
  12. Ask them.
  13. Any scum suck that gets pleasure from watching kids get beaten is a sadistic #$%#.
  14. ya wtv homo
  15. Wow! That's a big truck those dude's with the water bottle are in! Man, I didn't know the US Army used anything that could hold almost a million people!!!

    EDIT: And the first video is only "ridiculous" if you're a know-nothing dipshit.
  16. You can't really judge the first video because the we never saw the beginning of it and that could make a HUGE difference.
  17. first vid..werent close to the kid..dumbass
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  20. US Agenda in Iraq= Beating Iraqi children so they are encouraged to be future terrorist

    It's all so clear now.
  21. iraqi kids will take candy from you, then spit in your face. Why the #$%# would they ever want to give them water. Just another example of someone watching the news and not understanding whats going on over there.
  22. You americans shouldnt even be over there.... you dumb f_ucks
  23. dont give a damn.. thanks for the intelligent contribution though!

    And BTW, thats one ugly vet you have in your Avitar!
  24. Wrong account Wheelman.
  25. what?

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