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  1. I don't see much point to the creation of this car. They are trying to make it look more racy and exotic by adding the cooling vents on the hood. I also think that the headlights and grille are messed up too.
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    Don't worry about the looks, I don't think that is what this car was about. Look at the power figures (and the Sound System if ya could)
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    It was based on the Falcon XR8 and a lot of people like the looks (i'm not a fan) i've heard holden fans say the xr8 looks nice
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    this guy mustnt be australian.
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    this thing looks WEIRD!! i mean come on, 4 doors, lots of HP, little spoiler... just looks really funny, headlights n everything... uhh... yeah, good thing it wont see production
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    ..i think it looks kinda highroller
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    umm yeh...u obviously dont know much about the australian car market, the Ford falcon XR8 has seen production, it looks exactly the same just with less power
  8. lol and this was a promo car to showcase the latest offerings by aftermarket companies at the time therefore the add ons and stereo n increse in power etc... its actually a really nice car
  9. LOL

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