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  1. Lamborghini rims are really starting to get flippin awesome.
  2. Yea I like them, but I don't like the new rough edges of the car...especially that side scoop!
  3. Man, the details on this car are unreal! I've always had respect for the Murci for its performance, smoothness and how striking it is on the road. Unfortunately, its styling, both inside and out, was always too sterile and lifeless for me to really love. Finally, this model has come out and injected that much-needed life (and Zonda-catching performance) into it. The outside finally looks like it was designed by an Italian, not Tonka, and the inside is now rivaling the Zonda in design and quality. Hopefully the shifter will stay in place now. Good job, Lambo.
  4. yeah! i reealy like the zonda but this... WOOAAAW!!
  5. Lamborghini's just keep getting better and better...
  6. lambos always get quicker ass they get into thier life cycle, the fastest diablo wasnt released until the end the VT. The rims are swee but u as luda says 'can't lose with 22's #%[email protected]/ thats wassup'
  7. luda doesnt know what he is talking about. any thing over 20 inches on a sports car is dead weight.
  8. I completely agree with you, the older Murci was too bland for my liking, but this is awesome.
  9. I'm not disagreeing at all about the Murcielago being bland, I just think it's rather funny that any Lamborghini could ever be thought of as boring. The LP640 is definitely a huge improvement though, I really like it.
  10. luda doesn't know jackshit on cars apparently
  11. One word: sweet. I love this car. I never liked to Murcielago too much (always end up comparing it to the Diablo), but this one has no shame against the Diablo. Beautiful, powerful, and #$%#ing awesome. Can't wait for the twin turbo version.
  12. Lamborghini doesn't make turbo versions, they are aftermarket
  13. There has been mention, though, of a twin turbo version for some time now. Due to the 1996 Diablo VTTT, the 1998 Gemballa T50 Diablo, and (for those that do check up on it) the twin turbo option for the Diablo Coatl (which, of course, has the S72 BMW engine), there had been a small and rather unnoticed demand for turbocharging the Murcielago. And, according to Automobile magazine (unless I'm mistaken, it was the November issue), the twin turbo Murcielago was supposed to have 1000bhp and roughly 730 lb-ft of torque. That's what I read. Of course, it all could just be rumor (as most magazine articles turn out to be in the end when it concerns concepts), but I'd love to see that built.
  14. I agree with this guy and the guy he quoted, when i first saw the older Murci i almost went to sleep, but i thik i had a heart attack when i saw the pics of the 06Murci.
  15. Lamborghinis always have the coolest wheels...heh. Check out the Gallardo Spyder...so much intricate detail.

    The look like fancified blades on some blender.
  16. yeah the rims are hot. i don't know about the color the presented it in, though. probably a lighter color to show off the lines better. i would prefer a black.
  17. I totally agree with you !.
  18. About this turbocharging....

    I was just wondering that how would the huge amount of air needed by a 1000hp engine be derived? The engineers hand some problems with aspiration even with the n.a.version, hence the "wings". Turbochargers would need air, intercoolers would need air and radiators would need more air due to increased power output and heating.... That's a problem yet to be solved. Bugatti 16/4 veyron also had problems with proper engine cooling-one reason for its late entr�e.

    However, Lamborghinis traditionally rely to big (but not too big), high rpm (but not too high) and naturally aspirating V-12's that are powerful enough. So I don't see any reason for turbocharging. Let's keep Ferruccio's spirit alive instead.
    Audi, Audi. Horch, Audi. Hear, Audi. Heehee...Stupid August Horch... should have stayed in the Auto Union or at least invented a better name. It's get too funny when one's stoned.

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