RIP mininova

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  2. Yeah just read about it today on a newsblog, this seriously sucks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  3. Internet is changing slowly for the worst <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. i #$%#ing hate tim kuik and his brein organisation. he also made piratebay shut down. the #$%#tard.
  6. TPB is still there?
  7. Ugh, where will I quickly download my top gear episodes from now?
  8. Arent there another 100 sites like it anyway?
  9. Strangely enough it seems the US is one of the countries being more "hands-off" in regards to the internet, where it seems the opposite everywhere else (american TV is more prude)
  10. Yes, but this is a continuation of the slow trend toward internet censorship.
  11. its not censorship you tit, its stopping people from stealing.

    luckily TPB is still up
  12. Broadcasting from a nuclear missile bunker.
  13. I just want my Top Gear torrents
  14. Isn't that Hesmo site still up? I think that is what its name was, someone on here posted that link a year or so ago, they streamed new episodes within 12 hours of airing, as well as hosted about three or four past seasons.
  15. Utrecht is awesome
  16. No, they got asked to take it down.

    and for those who only really download Top Gear, will still be putting links to torrents up. They are unlikely to get taken down, because they have the support of the Top Gear production team.

    For new TV shows, is good. They verify each torrent to make sure it is actually what it says it is (unlike mininova, which had lots of false torrents).

    Still sad to see it go, it indicates that the internet is going soft. However, it's not like I used it often.
  17. In a free country liek China there are no copyright laws.

    Piratism is 100% legal and all the top gear episodes are on available on tudou.
  18. Where can I find a documentary in the Tienanmen Square massacre?
  19. Torrents are slowly becoming less relevant for TV shows as bandwidth increases.
  20. Haven't heard of such thing.

    Tian an men is a metro station and a boring dusty square with some #%!@es selling you water. Not worth massacring.

    Prolly some made up stuff.
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    I just registered to this.

    It's the same as Pass The Popcorn but for TV instead of Movies. If it does become like PtP it will be very hard to keep a good ratio and get invites once the site gets bigger, so take i'd take advantage of it.
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  23. True, there are also more and more blogspot pages with direct download links to all the newly released shows which are surprisingly put up pretty quickly. The split rars are more or less immune to copyright takedown.

    Mainstream episodes are so common, although the main advantage to torrents is finding less popular shows as well as speed on private sites.
  24. #$%#ing A.

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