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  1. This car is the biggest rip-off I have ever seen. The design was taken from the Cizeta Mororder, the original Diablo prototype, and then it was modified by Chyrsler. This is a more modern concept, but it still is a rip-off. Look at the resemblance.<!-- Signature -->
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    How the heck is it a rip off if it is a prototype? And get your stupid cartoon out of here, I stopped watching cartoons when I was in 1st grade!!!
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    Dude, the cizeta moroder was made in 1995, this was made back in '88, so how the hell is this a rip off a design that wasn't going to exist till 7 years from when this came out.
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    that's hilarious, 4 the man.
  5. what ever!
  6. you're all #$%#ing morons. especially the guy who started this shitty thread
  7. ok, shut the f#%k up, dude! you obviously dont know [email protected]#t abut cars.

    the original design was for lambo, but they altered it to much for Marcello Gandini's tastes. so he gave the original design to cizeta, and they made the v16T
  8. oh, and for the records, cartoons rule, dickhead

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