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  1. A sad moment in Internet's history.
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  3. I'm amazed it took that long
  4. thank god the record companies are safe now
  5. well shit

    Am I gonna just buy music now?
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  6. Keeping my eyes open for what's next, I felt was even more/better organised than oink has ever been, both being at their active time, absolutely unique places when it comes quality and passion from the community to actually do something, rather than just drool & leech.

    I'll miss it, it was for me a great way to discover new music or get hard to obtain music (record store day editions can go **** themselves)
  7. oh @IdoL , send me pm/invite if something comes your way, I'll do the same if I happen to stumble upon something with a similar concept before you. Ratios have never been the issue, even after a harddrive crash when I had nothing to seed anymore.. eventually it was 1tB up and 800gB down'ish.
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  8. You guys still download mp3s and ogg vorbises ? I thought Spotify was the only choice now
    dunno I only listen to spoken radio when driving
  9. I hadn't used the site in a while and my ratio was shit toward the end. I hated having to download bullshit just to seed and keep my ratio up.

    I really liked but I hope the next torrent site feels less like a super elite club.
  10. Don't worry, I will. I remember it was you who invited me to What in the first place.
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  11. What truly excelled in meticulously (i.e in a very organized manner) collecting releases that you just could not get anywhere else. People who don't listen to mainstream music used it. It even had obscure Israeli music that you couldn't find in any record stores anymore. DJ's would use it for the crazy availability of lossless files.
    I've read a couple of articles claiming it was probably humanity's biggest collection of music. And now they've burned it all so that no users are affected by the law.
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  12. And this guy being a good second then. I'm OCD enough to really really want to help with his archive.

    edit: it's a cool story to read
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  13. That is cool. I hope he buys some Israeli stuff as well, for the heck of it.
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  14. If he'd start a streaming/download service for a paid amount, I'd probably never touch Spotify again
  15. I know I have a huge collection s'eeping somewhere on the NAS
  16. i still miss oink :(
  17. what about it
    I mean, I'm a paid subscriber because it's convenient, but half of the stuff I'd get from really can't be found there
  18. I listen to a lot of indie, but 99% is on spotify.
  19. i think spotify is too expensive
  20. don't fool yourself. you're just a mainstream listener

    you're no dahldrin
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  21. our list was eerily similar
  22. I can't say I've downloaded a lot of music in the past couple of years, but I still like having an album I enjoyed listenable wherever. Spotify doesn't work here, so I don't even know if the music I like is on it.
  23. Yeah plenty of acts in common, but for example, I broadcast music fairly regularly at a Russian website. It's nice, just playing whatever I like, having a little chatbox and taking song requests of whoever is there. The folder of music I downloaded through vk and on the go because it simply wasn't available for only thát purpose is massive already (around 1500 separate songs) and some of those songs were definitely good enough to try the whole album of later.
  24. dahldrin listens to dad rock now

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