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    Also, @IdoL and possibly if not awol @marcusmv3
    I just requested access here, but maybe one of you guise is in already

    edit: I suspect that's the place where things would be announced, if anything

    edit2: my nickname on reddit is BeredokterPim by the way, another anagram of my realnameā„¢
  2. Meanwhile ripping (flac and 320) my own cds because I didn't get to downloading most of those yet, my collection is so massive dammit
  3. Yes, RIP

    I think I had about 850GB up and around 130 down. Will miss it a lot.

    Anyone know of any good alternatives yet?
  4. Looks like is one to avoid, still have to check out xanax and passtheheadphones
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    Xanax is currently open, sign up HERE, so far looks like there's nothing wrong with this

    edit: for the taggery @Pinin @IdoL @Archaeopteryx

    edit: and kind of urgently, as about 9400/10000 accounts are taken right now
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  6. Max users upped to 15,000
  7. signed up to Xanax. Now I need a good stereo/speakers to play all these torrentz. Any suggestions?
  8. oh and @Baklava

    Also, userbase upped to 20k and then it'll become private, 14K in now
  9. I only listen to vinyl these days

    Yes i'll walk away from this thread.
  10. Haha no ok, just wondering if it'd be in your interest to sign up
    Nothing wrong with vinyl, most of my physical collection is vinyl I think
  11. Haha i appreciate it. I just don't download anymore. Usually listen to vinyl and if it's a new tune i usually use spotify.
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  12. Missed it.
  13. User limit has been reached, so I can't send an invite right now.. I'm suspecting a big clean-up will happen soon enough, though, alot of people came in just because they could.

    edit: pm your e-mail address and I'll send an invite when I'm able to
  14. None of you guys went for NoStream right? They got fucked already from the inside
  15. Missed it. Need an invite. Dammit I need to start coming back here you guys are like the drug dealing corner of the internet.
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  16. I'm in! I should start ripping.
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  17. So with Big Rob, Pinin and me in, we have 3 potential invite trees on, which is good news
    I'll keep IdoL and marcus on my shortlist for when invites are being opened
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  18. Can't believe this is almost 10 years ago already. While seeking my what credentials and such, I stumbled upon this, haha.
  19. I'm jealous cause I never got an RIAA cease and desist.
  20. Did they press charges?
  21. Not that I know of, they changed their focus from users to websites instead in the meantime I think
  22. you wouldnt steal a car
  23. I would if I could duplicate it instantly and freely.
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