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  1. I'd download pandasis
  2. This open startup phase really messes with my OCD there. So many mouthbreathers that rip to only 1 format and then even can't be arsed to fill out a simple catalogue form ffffssss

    Trumping the shit out of everyone
  3. Did Xanax get renamed? Also can't login anymore.
  4. Yes it did, but your xnx username and password should work on the new domain
  5. @IdoL and @marcusmv3 , if everything's correct you've received an invitation email now
    There's a week long freeleech announced only a few minutes ago, so a pretty nice time to step in too :)
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  6. Oh and there'll probably be a bit of a rush again, with 21k of 40k (max) registered users and I think everyone receiving 5 invites, meaning there are a potential 105k people joining (if they'd want to) in theory
    It's not very well thought through, haha.
  7. I never had ratio worries at wcd, but with this freeleech and my upload (dsl, so only 300 kb/s up and a nicer 7.5 mb/s down) at this new place maxing out ever since, I think my future is pretty much sealed. It's not like they're high requirements anyway, it's just important to keep things seeded/available for others, as that's what'll keep this tracker relevant in the future.
  8. I hate to ask but I'd appreciate an invite if available. I never had any new stuff to upload, but I stayed over 1.0 over several years at what
  9. pm email for invitez

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