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  1. Road Test by Quattroruote
    350 Hp*
    Gear ratio: short**
    271.6 Kmh
    0-100 Kmh 4.6s
    0-160 Kmh 10.2s (0-100mph)
    0-200 KMh 15.8s
    0-400m 12.6s @ 178.8 Kmh (app. 1/4 mile)
    1 Km standing 23.0s @ 230.8 Kmh
    CxS = 0.565 (WOW!!)
    100-0 Kmh 37.2m
    160-0 Kmh 95.2m (app. 100-0 Mph)
    200-0 Kmh 148.7m (app. 1.06g, like Murciélago, F40 and Diablo GT)
    Weight (kerb weight with fuel, driver and correvit):
    1190 Kg (app. 2620 lb, better than Mc F1!!)


    *there are app. 8 Nazca in the world, power and performances are not the same for all...
    ** 304 kmh with long gear ratio (189 mph)
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    and thats only with the 5-litre Alpina engine, rather than the 5.7-litre fitted to some models (i thought there were only 2)
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    What I really hate is they build these things and then don't sell them to the public. It's a shame really it has nice numbers and the looks were good for its day.

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    Its a shame that this car never made production. It makes great use out of a relatively small amount of power (mostly due to its very low weight). It would be nice if BMW could revive this car without bogging it down with too many techno and luxo elements like its other sporty cars. A nice engine would be the V-10 in development for the next generation M5 and M6 producing around 500 HP. Think of a modern update of this car with 500 HP, agile handling, a stiff chassis, and a weight of around 2800 lbs. That would kick some serious ass.
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    Looks cool from the REAR view but I don't really like the front of it.
    Also is it just me or does the one on the first(left) pic look different then the other two(middle n' right pic)
    Like the top of the car looks different.
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    0h ok now i get it,the one in the right pic is the coupe and the
    other two are the spiders,lousy,lol
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    Agreed, totally. This car looks stunning. It may fit perfectly between BMW's new designs: the 5 and 7 series. Add some flame surfacing (as BMW calls it) and it will fit in nicely.

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