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    Last month, someone wrote into R&T Magazine and requested for technical help in swapping a Nissan motor into an 85 Pontiac..... wait for it... Fiero. R&T staffers immediately bocked at the idea of swapping a FWD motor and transaxle into a RWD (mid-engine) car and informed the author of the letter he would end up with 1 forward gear and 5 reverse gears.

    Here is the retraction in this month's issue:

    "Recently we advised Marc R-Yvon on Fiero engine swaps, which engendered a large amount of helpful mail from readers. Many gently pointed out that the Fiero uses a front-wheel drive powertrain pushed to the rear, so swapping in another fwd powertrain would not result in five reverse speeds as we had warned against.

    Others noted workable swap engines, or showed examples of their own swaps, some of which looked very interesting indeed. It seems the best or easiest swaps involve other GM engines as noted by Josh Meeks, who fingered the 3.1, 3.4 Twin Cam, 3.8, 3.8 Turbo, 3800 Supercharged, Cadillac 4.9 and Northstar, nearly all small-block Chevys and Saturn Ecotec engines as popular. This was echoed by Tony Borbely of the Calgary Fiero Owners Group, who added that the Fiero's engine subframe makes it a versatile swap platform. Thanks also to Charles Rizzo and Les Goerzen for citing as a good site for Chevy-Fiero swaps, plus on other swaps."
  2. Yes, the whole magazine is retarded.
  3. I read Car & Driver.
  4. I only really like those data panels they have of cars.
  5. Obviously the better choice.
  6. Yeah, Road & Track is retarded because they aren't experts at swapping engines into POS Fieros that no one cares about.
  7. If you are a rampaging fAget homo cocksucking ignorant badge whore that demands payment for taking a shit while standing on one leg screwing their own high horse with a low fat triple latte cappucino with skim milk hanging out of their gaping orifice like a hot water tap that wont fUcking boil.
  8. +1
  9. So they made one blunder. Big #$%#ing deal. At least they aren't consistently shitty in the same manner as Motor Trend.
  10. +1
  11. Popular Hot Rodding, Hot Rod, Chevy High Performance and Pontiac Enthuisiast have all done stories on engine swaps into POS Fieros. It was either R&T or MT that did the testing and story on the SD4 Fiero Formula, which was faster than the Corvette at the time.

    A retraction in a car magazine should be something like "we captioned that picture on page 73 wrong" or "the wheelbase of the 2009 XXXX XXXXXX is not XXX.X", but rather XXX.X". Not "Our staffer handling technical questions didn't even research the question he was asked and just bullshitted the author of the letter".
  12. ...
  13. Fieros suck, stfu
  14. So you'd rather they didn't admit they made an obvious mistake? How the hell else should they have made the retraction?
  15. It should have never happened. They pick which letters to answer and publish. That should warrant some research time before print, moreso on a TECHNICAL QUESTION.
  16. I'm just giving FordMan a hard time, love.
  17. Who else here gives a #$%# about Fieros?
  18. Fieros are sweet dude. Everybody knows that.
  19. yep, the whole magazine sucks now
  21. Automobile anyone? R&t and C&D and Motor Trend all suck. Automobile is THE american car mag. I like it better than Evo, the writers aren't as arrogent and they're actually comical.
  22. STFU, C/D is awesome. R&T is a good magazine, but the writing lacks the joie de vivre that C/D has. I respect R&T but I love C/D. Automobile is like R&T, but with a bigger budget, and thus has the same problem - it's pretty to look at, but the writing doesn't make you want more.
  24. Yeah for a car made up of 90% spair parts. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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