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  1. Ed is short for EDITOR, genius. I'm surprised more people can't figure that out. And at least they try. The other magazines are a snoozefest for people who can't read. The Euro mags are for people who don't actually have to pay for them, or can't read, which is why it's so important that they have very pretty pictures.
  2. Your data pretty much says it all. R&T is for the Buick crowd.
  3. I like Motor Week. Because they dont go in depth on their opinions. Just facts. And they follow ALMA/LeMans. I could care less about a writers opinion of a car. Just because he/she likes/dislikes a car should have no bearing on my feelings on it. I dont let magazines tell me what to like.
  4. So.... pages and pages of stats. The end?

    Yeah, that'll fly.

    Lol at all the fanboy defences of magazines.
  5. Yeah, stats...i.e.-facts. Not someones biased opinion. I dont know how many times I have seen two cars compaired and one totally beats the other in cost, speed, handling, options, etc, and they pick the other one as the best because they like its (insert what ever lame phrase they want to use to cover the fact they have no actual basis for picking that car)
  6. That's what you're paying for. You're paying for their enlightened opinion on the subject. If you want stats, save yourself the money and visit the manufacturer website. Stats don't tell the entire story about what a car is like to live with though.
  7. Any magazine from Europe is better than R&T, C&D and Motor Trend. Such trash those are to read.

    As soon as I picked up a euro mag, it was like a revelation.

    It was like going from C&D TV to Top Gear.
    What a change!
  8. The European mags are nice to look at, C/D is nice to read, and R&T is kind of the value leader sitting in the middle. I honestly do not know what people see in the Euro Rags' writing. The pictures are nice though, I have to admit. For less than half the price I can more than live with C/D though. I've never picked up a copy of TopGear magazine, but Evo wasn't worth the extra $5 over Automobile, if you're into photography.
  9. I don't really read often or subscribe, but if I was reading, I'd choose a Euro mag over American.
    Definitely worth it.

    I mean, I'm not in it for an accurate comparison of cars I'll never afford. I'm reading it for pictures and a good, descriptive, enjoyable read.

    People who have stacks of old magazines to look up 0-60 times that differ by like 0.1 seconds are pretty retarded.
  10. If you're only an occaisional reader, I can see the price difference not mattering, but honestly I've read every major magazine except TopGear and the writing isn't ANY better in the Euro ones than the US ones. The photography is better for sure though, as is the physical construction, but none stands head-and-shoulders above the others for writing. TopGear seems like it could be an exception, but I think the TV show is the best medium for that.

    I actually am in it for the cars, which is one thing I've noticed differs between the two areas. The Euro ones don't focus nearly so much on the cars themselves. That's really up to personal preferences though.

    I'm one of those people. I'm not a crazy Spyder-type though, I just like to keep a good reference around though. Also, i cannot bring myself to throw away a magazine I'm paying for, so I've got a huge stack.
  11. Haha, -1 for not knowing who Ed is. What a toolbox.
  12. first one is very nice
  13. Uhh, the other magazines are for people who can't read? When you can't enjoy an automotive publication unless it refers to pop culture every 2 sentences, you're the one with the attention span of an 8-year old. Not the other way around.
  14. lol @ thinking "Ed" was someone's name
  15. ;_;
  16. Blitz is a dumbass. HAYO!
  17. biased opinion*
    Too many times have I seen the situation I mentioned before, and they talk about how the lesser vehicle is so much better because the author is a brand whore.
  18. Or maybe it's not always about power, grip, etc. Sometimes it's about the car that makes you feel the best. That's what I want to know when I read a magazine, how the car makes the driver feel.
  19. Exactly. +1
  20. it provided a laugh.

    thanks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. Bingo
  22. Yellowstone's and California Kid's. The one in the last two gave Carroll Shelby a ride he would never forget.
  23. Precisely.
  24. Then you have madcurl's Northstar-powered Fiero. An Indy Fiero and JScott's.
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