Road & Track Is Retarded

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 84FordMan, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Right, because as humans we are incapable of forming our own opinions about cars.
  2. Some aren't. Some need MTV to tell them what music to like and how to dress. Some need to be spoon fed that "X" car is amazing just because "X" makes it.
  3. None of which is in any way the fault of a magazine or MTV.
  4. Uhh, aren't you the one who's sucking C&D's balls because they so vocally express their opinions of the cars they test? I don't know about you, but I, as a human, am perfectly capable of reading an objective review like R&T puts out and deciding whether or not I like the car. I don't need the magazine to tell me that it has a big bootprint on its trunk from its competitor, as I've actually seen C&D write.
  5. Your sarcasm detector is broken. If I like a car, an opinionated review of it isn't going to change that. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the article though.
  6. Didn't say it was. I for one see no problem with taking suckers money.
  7. So your response to my post was moot. Thanks for agreeing with my point.
  8. Whatever, you losers. Car & Driver is the most read car mag in America for a reason. Shits all over R&T.
  9. Because Americans are uneducated retards.
  10. I'm not agreeing with anything you've said. Perhaps the REAL reson you don't understand the concept of the car magazine is that you have no reading comprehension skills.
  11. Or not.
  12. Ones who think R&T is better than C&D are.
  14. that's correct
  15. oh Jesus, why
  16. Motor Trend is the ABSOLUTE WORST

  17. Or perhaps it's your lack of seeing the obvious that keeps you from understanding when an article is very biased.
  18. All of these are reasons not to take one mags opinion as your own. Read different reviews and make your own decision. Or, if you can, actually go drive the car. You would be amazed how much different you feel after having driven something. I've read reviews on a car and had the complete opposite reaction upon actually driving it.
  19. Problem with todays society is they need someone to tell them what to like.
  20. More people need to read Car & Driver.

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