Robert Jim

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  1. 4/22-4/23
    Dallas Guitar Show
    Johnny A
  2. #$%# yeah.
  3. vwdrivervw say Robert Jim every time, because he's a huge doofus.

    Junior Brown plays right before him on Saturday. He's pretty cool.
  4. I used to say Chevelle454 all the time. Weird?!
  5. I went on Saturday only. Johnny A is so awesome. I also bought some stuff to finish my amp while I was there.
  6. Did you buy his CDs yet or what?
    Also, did you meet him?
  7. No, no. I was going to, but there were a bunch of people around there, so I figured whatever.
  8. I just ordered a Gretsch.
    Johnny A made an instructional DVD.
    Johnny A is making a live CD.
  9. Whatever retard owns that should get a race replica
  10. I thought it was more white than that.
  11. It is; lighting is stupid. The color is like in those blurry pics I took.

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