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  1. Finally got enough posts to make a thread :D

    Aswell as being a keen car spotter, i love to draw cars when i have enough time, especially classics.

    The first took me 6 hours - 2.5 for the line drawing and 3.5 for the shading / detailing / tidying up - and is my best I've done I think.
    Sorry about the dark image - it is a photograph of a photocopy, so is far from the original....

    1971 Lamborghini Miura SV

    Please tell me what you think guys - generally the feedback from other sites has been posisive <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Cheers, Rob.
  2. looks great!
  3. Looks great, +1.
  4. Excellent, the shading is very good.

    Some constructive criticism: the side window is a bit too short/the windshield a bit big, and the wheels are a bit too big/deep. Other than that it's very nice, keep at it!
  5. Thanks very much for the responses guys, appreciate it!

    And especially to Archaeopteryx, many people have picked up in the wheel , although on comparison to the reference, it seems pretty accurate...not saying it is of course!
    Although no-one has mentioned the side window ....

    Thanks again, Rob.
  6. Overall this is pretty good, there are many parts of the drawing that are very tough to do that I think you pulled off quite well. However, there were some small things that were not done well like some shapes do not seem very close to accurate, like the hood, the roof, and I think the original is a little more swoopier. I am just very meticulous but in general it's a job well done!
  7. I think it's great, except for the wheels, theyr'e too big and unproportional.
  8. Thanks for your comments and especially the constructive criticism - appreciate it!
    Here's another - not a car this time, but some of you may know him! :p

    It is the second portrait i have ever done and took me near enough 10 hours to complete, and i am extremely happy with the result.

    Please tell me what you think guys - again sorry about the quality of the photo.

    Mr Enzo Ferrari
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    thats only cause you're used to production drawings for industrial design stuff. Time is money. We need to draw quick.

    If you're just doing it as a hobby though, nothing is too long.
  11. I know six hours sounds far too long, but as Danno says, im only doing these drawings as a hobby so i have no deadline, so it takes as long as it takes!

    Another reason for this may be due to my VERY unorthadox technique, which i shall explain later on, but thanks for commenting.

    Cheers, Rob.
  12. That was done on regular package paper with prisma pencils. It was a drawing of an existing object, just like still-life(but from a photo source). There is nothing industrial about this.

    Even when I was in middle high, an A3 size pencil still life takes abt 3 hrs. what I am saying is, spend your time wisely. Spend it on details you want to emphasise and not try to spread your attention to the entire surface area of the paper, cus chances are, you will lose your concentration and the whole thing will turn out bad.
  13. I like the portrait the best, drawing people is impossible for me so I have a lot of respect for anyone who even attempts that. Nice!
  14. it looks pretty good to me.

    As i said, if you're doing it as a hobby, spend as much time as you like. You're not gonna criticise me for spending 4 hours practising soccer while you only spend 2 hours now are you?
  15. 'unrelated', your point is valid, and i know my drawings take a looooong time, but this is mainly due to my very unorthodox metho, and also because im an extreme perfectionist (i hope it shows...)

    Thanks also to 'VENTOUX' and 'Danno', appreciate the comments! I'll post another up once i have a few more comments.......

  16. looks like you love what you do. Good Job. I am going to post also my drawings here, but first I have to get 50 posts before I can create a topic (What a stupid idea for a forum ... sorry)
  17. Haha, yeah i know i had the same problem of being so eager to post up :p
    Canay, i have seen your work on many other sites, and the only word i can think of is .awesome! Such great designs, even if not everyone agrees with your styling ideas.. :p

    And thanks a lot for the comment.

    Cheers, Rob.
  18. awesome, you are very good at drawing

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