rofl 2.5 seconds??

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  1. this car #$%#n wat if it doesnt go 0 to 60 in 2.5
    its an engineering masterpiece....and to that twat/poser who thinks the luxury of a car is important shouldnt be in this forum and should go to some bmw forum....since when did luxury become more important than performace....ur probably one of the #$%#ers with civics with m3 fenders and piece of shit exhaust....with stupid subs in ur trunk. so pisss off

  2. one of the key features of the Veyron is its have completely missed the point of the Veyron.

    If you want performance, and no an F1'll be cheaper.
  3. last time i checked f1 cars went on sale for 2,000,000 euros...
    thats more 1.2 million dollars
    if u look closly inside....ther are hardly any luxury features....
    its like a spyker....just looks good....and thats the way it should b
    its a supercar...not a bently continental on crack
  4. the bugatti was not ment to b a luxury car..and it is not a luxury is ment to be a supercar that could handle 1000hp...and to get to prove to skeptics that it was possible

  5. You're right in that the Veyron was designed to show that 1000hp and 252mph was possible, but it was also designed to be the ultimate in luxury as well. For example, it has a high end sound system built by Dieter Burmester, described as "Berlin's Hi-Fi manufacturer par excellence." I have heard that this soundsystem alone costs the equivilent of many home theatre systems, although the actual stated price eludes me at the moment...

    Bugatti's luxury side will likely be seen more so in the next model, which is said to be Luxury sedan powered by a slightly detuned version of the Veyron's engine, that will eclipse everything made by Rolls Royce, Maybach and, most importantly, sister company Bentley Motors!
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  7. i think that the weigh helps it to have traction, 1000hp is a lot, you all know that! and weigh does'nt make it go much slower... but i dont think that it would make a lap time on nurburgring faster than the ccr or some other light-weigh car...
  8. The car is rapid to say the least. For how much it costs audi to produce the veyron it should got 0-60 in 2.5secs. It costs them more to produce the thing then they can sell it for!
  9. is it audi or volkswagan who produce the bugatti?
  10. Audi and Volkswagen are the same company, they also own Lamborghini and Bentley. Not to mention other lower price range car names.

    Reading through all these posts I can tell there are a load of idiots that think they know everything about cars how they work and wat one is the best for a cuantaty of stupid reasons.

    I work at a German Company ivolved in helping design, test drive and make cars road ligal. I work with a great range of cars, from VW Lupos to Bmw M series And Have Test Driven A Veyron in earlier Production Stages.

    This Car Has Been in Development For many years and the reason for that is to reach a level of perfection that it has achieved and is beyond any other car in the world.

    The Bugatti is Faster at Top Speed and acceleration than any production car ever Built. People Can Argue That A Viper Venom has asmuch Power and Would Beat It ( bulls*/t ). I wouldnt want to be anywhere near that car as it hits over 280 Kph. It Should Be illegal because that Car is not safe at thoes speeds Due To its aerodynimics weigth distribution and centre of gravity. As for the Koenigsegg it is the same Story, It is A Powerfull light car with nothing to keep it on the ground.

    Tere is no car that comes close to the bugatti in terms of performance. Its looks are not the greatest but also a mater of opinion and do not afect the cars performance ( unlike lots of stupid posts would lead you to belive ).

    Please Remeber that this car is The most ''SUPER'' of cars ever built and will be for a very long time, especialy cosidering trafic laws getting togher.

    This Car is something to be proud, happy and excited about. Not Jealous, angry and disapointed.
  11. I thought it was supposed to be 2.8 or so, and times aren't completely reliable. But it's not completely unrealistic.
  12. THis car is hot burning fire and there is nothing else to say about it. Talk s*** about this vehicle but lets just let the stats speak..
  13. THis car is hot burning fire and there is nothing else to say about it. Talk s*** about this vehicle but lets just let the stats speak..
  14. it can do it in 2.5 seconds, all of you shut up
  16. Iv seen somewhere it did it inbetween 2.1-2.8 seconds depending on the engine temp
  17. just face it america is a craphole great britain is where its at and the rest of europe thts where decent cars come from like the buggatti veyron and your porsche. And yes the Veyron will do 60 in 2.5 seconds
  18. hell yeah... this and the T1 are from that area. As much as I hate this car (I hate it to hell) its f--kin awesome having elise-like handling capabilities and a 250+ mph top speed. Damn hell. I still think the weight is bogging the performance a bit though. I wouldn't be suprised if a Caparo T1 can out-accelerate it. Still, props to Bugatti and their creation.
  19. there is a couple of 'things' in life that is not going to change.No matter from which angle you look at it, these are facts of need air to survive/you will fall in love/you are going to die etc. are all facts of life! the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will have peace...enough mumble jumble...the Veyron is simply the best car ever produced.It is an amazing vehicle and set standards that are not going to be improved (or even matched) very soon. And that is one of the 'facts' of live, just accept it:) Already this car is the inspiration to amazing projects (take the crazy/'pie in the sky' inititiave that is on everyone's lips now, the gyus from ??-imagine them actually being succesful!) and will be for many more in the future.Amen
  20. i never realised that the indies were all full of noobs
  21. yes, there is a car that can match the bugatti. the porsche dauer 962 LM. the bugatti is not meant for performance an F1 car is. this car was meant for top speed
  22. oh shit, don't start the dauer vs. veyron argument again, unless you enjoy being wrong
  23. How could you not know?
  24. The CCR has a few hundred pounds of downforce keeping it down. The bugatti had several hundred pounds of lift untill the dumbass engineers spent another 20 million tweaking the most unaerodynamic 250mph car ever built instead of using a functional design. So exactly what are you talking about?

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