rofl 2.5 seconds??

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  1. except its me thats getting the enjoyment, me vs. a bunch of fanboys. and who said i was idiot. and an arguement of what top speed?!?!?!?!!!?, that has already been discussed
  2. If it had bad aerodynamic in the first place, it wouldnt do 250mph.

    This car -DOES- reach 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, and it -DID- reach 253mph.

    The mix of AWD, and gigantic power allow the Veyron to smoke any car out there straight off the line.

    As for the car being unstable at 250mph. Show me ONE car that will be stable at such speeds (street legal, of course). You wont find one, and no the 962 isnt stable at those speeds either.

    And McLarenGod, stfu.
  3. no, F*** You fanboy. so what if it did do 253 mph!!! its a F-ING disaster
  4. why have the stats changed... it says it does 0-60 in 2.6 sec. just like the dauer and it does 0-100 in 5.7 sec, i would expect 5.4 sec
  5. I actually read every single post on his thread mmmmm Funny i must say that some people do not know much about automobiles.
    1. veyron is a performnce car. DUH
    2.does 0-60 in 2.5
    3.hit 254
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    For all of you who dont believe it, here's a video of the Veyron doing 253mph.

    Now mind you, this guy is NOT a professional driver, he drove a couple supercars, but he never did any sort of professional racing, or ever attempted such feat before. And as you can see, not only did the Veyron reach 253mph (407kmh), but it did it with perfect stability, this is what's so fantastic about this car, it does the extreme, and does it like it was nothing. Yes, it has a huge engine, and will burn 100 litres of fuel in 12 mins, SO WHAT?!?

    In a Ferrari, and Lamborghini, or whatever other supercar out there, anything above 200mph feels like the whole car will fall apart, and the Veyron just goes smoothly.
  7. like you

    F1's cars are meant for performance and it hit 253
  8. if you had a mclaeran f1 going 140mph and a veyron at 0mph the veyron would beat the mcl to 200mph!
  9. wrongo your wrong! ccr is know for speed in straights and according to top gear this car kills you at the bends. it stands no chance with the veyron with elite handling and while your driving the car at 210mph you could be havng a tea party at the same time because of the spatious luxurious interior
  10. your even more exaggerated than DivineRage... that's a myth that has been proven wrong!!!
  11. you just made a complete ass out of yourself DivineRage because I didn't start any arguement!!!
  12. you people suck at posting, im a noob and i know more about it than you do. screw spending $500,000-$1.5 million, get a hennessey viper 1000tt, because their nicer, their faster, and they dont cost what 50 cent paid for his house
  13. you people suck at posting, im a noob and i know more about it than you do. screw spending $500,000-$1.5 million, get a hennessey viper 1000tt, because their nicer, their faster, and they dont cost what 50 cent paid for his house.
  14. you people suck at posting, im a noob and i know more about it than you do. screw spending $500,000-$1.5 million, get a hennessey viper 1000tt, because their nicer, their faster, and they dont cost what 50 cent paid for his house.
  15. whoever pays that much for a car is either a rich ass, or a retard
  16. well too bad that the 1000TT is a piece of shit car that can't turn and i wouldn't give a rat's ass if there was a 2000TTTT!!!! they are DEFINATELY NOT NICER, faster... and 50 cent can suck my **** oh yeah last but not least, AMERICAN CARS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. i agree with maclaren god an disagree a teeny bit there are 1 or 2 good american muscles cars
  18. wait... I though the Veyron did the 1/4 mile in less than 10 secs. 10.3??? Does that mean the Aero TT faster than the Veyron on the dragstrip? Top speed?

    And btw, American cars do not suck... what about the Corvette C6R and the Ultimate Aero TT. Obviously though, European cars are far superior and more beautiful, such as the Veyron, CCXR, F1, T1, Zonda, FXX, MC12, and all the other ownage. Even Japanese cars look better (when visually tuned)
  19. no I just said that there are some american supercar masterpieces... and most noobs argue that they are the best!!
  20. Actually, the performance figures (top speed) were beaten by disgusting american cars (2005 Hennessey SRT-10 Viper Venom 1000, 1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette) and acceleration/cornering wise, a 1994 Dauer 962 LeMans would eat it in a curvy track like Nurburing. Nonetheless, this is a hell of a car, and I'm in no way trying to diminish the incredible accomplishment bugatti has made. I'm just saying that you can't have ONE car that' the best in everything, because some things can't be put together.

    Luxury = weight, and weight kills handling.

    Props to the engineers from Bugatti, who spent years trying to figure out how to make a pre-aproved design that had no previous study in aerodynamics actually meet figures set arbitrarily by someone who just wanted to push the envelope. And Props to him (his name escapes me at the moment) for following through with this project, making a great loss in the development and production of this car. That's something not every company is willing to do.

    Bugatti certainly IS the best luxury/sports car ever made, so far... but to call it the best car ever built is quite the overstatement.
    Also, the looks of it are an acquired taste, it's even starting to grow on me.
  21. Now that you mention it, the CCR could use a little bit more downforce to help it go round a track. It nearly killed the stig in top gear, that car. No, wait, taht was the CCX, either way, the car needs a bit more downforce.
  22. You're a noob who posts the same thing 3 times in a row. Plus, you are an idiot for thnking that a Viper Hennessey with "a million horsepower" and whatever oher crap they might say will be anything but a hazard when trying to achieve speeds like that. That car is not designed or fit to do speeds like that...
    And "nicer"?!?! Nicer than what? They're HORRIBLE!
  23. The Veyron costs more than $5,000,000? since when?
  24. True, weight increases stability, but you also have the inherent flaw of weight transfer, once the momentum of that weight is headed in a direction other than you're trying to turn the car, you're #$%#ed. Which is why all high performance race cars are light weight, with a ton of downforce, thereby giving you the advantages of weight, without the disadvantages.
  25. um....I can think of one that surpasses it in performance, if you're going to knock the idiocy of other people, then try knowing your shit dunce.

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