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  1. mumbo jumbo, and there is one car that surpasses the Veyron that was also created more than a decade wtf r u talking about?
  2. beat it fanboi, you know jack shit
  3. i agree with you...
  4. he never said it did...
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    OK i read most every post there was til the last page, and im tired of idiots. Heres what we know,

    1. The car will do 0-60 in 2.6 Seconds
    2. Top speed is 253 MPH(407.2 KPH)
    3. The car weighs 4500 lbs.(2041KG) thats two and a half tons.
    4. Its a european disaster.

    And heres what i think....

    1. The 2006 Lingenfelter C6 Corvette Z06 looks way better.
    2. Costs almost 1 tenth the price.
    3. Is lighter.
    4. Is FR Setup (if you dont know what that means its a front engine rear drive car)
    5. Has 1038 HP and is to powerful to dyno, watch the tires at 48 seconds

    7. Hits Fourth gear doing over 100 and breaks tires loose even then.
    8. Handles three or four times better then the Bugatti.
    9. Does the quarter mile in 9.4
    (end of video shows time and speed)

    10. And for all you Hennesy Viper Fans....(the viper sucks)

    Besides, if your going to actually have it and race it, who the hell wants to do 253 down a straight and stop close enough fast enough to slide around an S curve? Botom line the Bugatti wont and the Corvette will. SOOOOOO..... IT SUCKS AMERICAN MUSCLE RULES IT BY FAR! and McLarenGod your an idiot, a PU**Y and a POSER!
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    And this....

    And this,

    And smokes a Hayabusa....

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    you're not coming here to post about the topic, you're just obsessed with a tuner modified corvette, how lame.

    The Veyron is a far better car than the Lingenfelter Corvette, regardless of whether the lingenfelter is faster or not. Now, with Regards to handling, yes, the Veyron is ridiculously overweight, but it is also (by all accounts) incredibly stable, even at high speeds. I think the Lingenfelter Corvette would be hard pressed to handle as well as the Veyron. And this is coming from a guy who is quite adamant that the Veyron is overrated by too many fanbois.
  8. not to sound like a retard, but wat does stfu and rofl stand for???
  9. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  10. actually he did:

    "If you want performance, and no an F1'll be cheaper."

    avg. F1 cars cost about $5,000,000 from initial testing, to final development, and (I can only assume since there isn't a market of new F1 cars) would likely go for about that much.
  11. "shut the F@ck up" and "rolling on floor laughing"
  12. sorry, just reading mclarengod's you are a complete idiot. like omg i dont even know where to start with your facts. they are so wrong, with the 962 ok, so it does 0-60 in the same time, thats the only thing it matches the bugatti in. F1 cars do not go 253 mph, are you dumb. i mean idk i thought before you make claims, you should attempt to make them true. the fact is that bugatti made the best car ever for high speeds on a road. i saw the video of may on topgear driving it at 253 mph and the thing was completely stable like it was going 75 down a highway; also in that video he clearly states he was leaving F1 cars behind somewhere in the 220s so um no on the 253. dont be jealous that the thing is essentially a perfect balance of luxury and performance, because honestly if you're paying over a million for a car, you dont want it to be a box with an engine that feels like its going to fall apart. people who buy this car appreciate how amazing a feat it is to make a luxury car go 253 mph, do 2.6 0-60, and handle like anything but the 4500lb car it is
  13. except of course, mclarengod is right because american cars do in fact, suck. anyone who would rather have a viper might as well just live at a drag strip and never take it anywhere else...because other than a tricked out viper at a drag strip, the bugatti beats everything the viper can throw at it. just please dont say you'd rather have a car that sucks. if we're talking money ok, but you're honestly dumb if you say that a viper is better than a bugatti at anything but straight line speed, and even for that you need to do work on it
  14. this thread is terrible
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    you are a sad, pathetic little fanboy you know that!!!
  16. Hey, how would you feel if someone was calling you a fanboy, about the McLaren F1 and calling it a piece of sh*t and so on and so forth?? No I don't think you would like it that much, at all! I urge you to stfu on Hennessey or Lingenfelter, bet you can't run a High Performance Automobile company longer than a decade an a half!!

    So what if perhaps those cars can or can't corner, does that mean you would turn down the keys to a Viper Venom 800R or 1000TT, or even perhaps both the Corvette 427TT (the Commemerative Edition) and the Corvette Z06 427TT, or perhaps the Saleen S7 and the S7TT?!? If you say no your full of sh*t, MFC!! Hell even the SSC Ultimate Aero TT is great as well!! Plus, anyone of these and all of Europe's best would get anyone of us laid, if we had the money to spend on one of'em in the place!!

    Plus there was someone on these very forums stating that, "Europe has there V12s, America has the V8 and V10 it doesn't matter were anyone of them reside in, every country has a FANTASTIC powertrain, and each one should be respected as such! In other words EVERY country has there engine and should have there rightful place in anyone's hearts!"
  17. saw one of these crash before ... shame...

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