Rolls Royce Wraith Revealed

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Amazing Asian, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Don't like that roofline as it descends to the back. Looks like a fat Nissan300ZX, especially with that two-tone paint job. Brooklands or Conti GT, please.
  2. It's disappointing. Just a hatchback Ghost..
  3. Objectively it's still really cool because it's a V12 RR coupe, but it could have been better executed.
  4. looks like a cheap hackjob you would expect from a regular car company dealing with a base cost, and not a Rolls Royce. It's almost laughable it's 100k more then a comparable Bentley.
  5. What is laughable is the fact that you do not know the difference between then and than.
  6. Don't like it it looks squashed.
  7. Looks like a Continental. Which is a bad thing
  8. When is Rolls-Royce going to start making elegant cars? The Phantom only got away with the styling because it had a rival in the Maybach that was even tackier.
  9. hope it has presence in real life , because that looks boring as shit ...

    I think British super lux cars need to have outlandish style and charm

    really like direction Bentley has taken vs Rolls
  10. the Bentley Continental design allows for a fast back so much better. It has a curvy front so the design is well integrated.

    Also, the Continental GT came first, THEN the Flying Spur.

    the 4 door, boxy Rolls Royce Ghost came first, now to take that squared off front and mate it to a sloped back, it just looks wrong.

    It looks like a hearst or something. There's something really annoying about the roof line.
  11. That's just #$%#ing terrible
  12. Not as pretty as I had expected.
  13. Welcome back.
  14. That is woeful.
  15. Just saw some other pics, side profile, rear, etc and I must say, it looks pretty hot to me. I'm not even that much of a Rolls guy, but this is damn nice.
  16. this is awesome
    I agree with moo
  17. ya I just saw this pic and thought it not as bad as my original assessment ...

    still not in love with the lower range of RR
  18. a piece of shit that doesn't look like a real rolls royce
  19. but all the good looking bits are from the original ghost (which is actually great looking). all the shitty bits are the ones that are uniquely Wraith.
  20. Don't really understand why you'd get a car like this without 4 doors.
  21. I agree until your last line

    Mulsanne aside, I think all new Bentleys look shit. The 2nd gen ContiGT is much better looking than the first one though.
  22. I'm liking it from some angles, and the interior is pretty swank...

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