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  1. ... has raised like $1.7 million since midnight. wtf.
  2. I've raised like $0 since midnight. You don't hear me bragging about it...
  4. who what where
  5. He's the only candidate that I like.
  6. I've spent $0 since midnight.
  7. Same here. I'm psyched. Call me naive, but seeing that he can now get this kind of support gives me the feeling that he's got a chance, despite the lack of media attention.

    If Giuliani gets elected, I'm moving to Mexico.
  8. No worries, Colbert's gonna win on write-in votes alone.
  9. And the states of Georgia and Tennessee will no longer exist!
  10. Is he the guy who fancies the gold standard?
  11. Yeah.
  12. Thank God.
  13. Giuliani is such a shit head.
  14. Same could also go for Clinton.
  15. one of the few things I disagree with him on. Good thing thats one that has zero chance of passing.
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    "Paul says he "wouldn't exactly go back on the gold standard,"[172] but would push to legalize gold and silver as legal tender so that gold-backed notes (or other types of hard money) issued from the private markets can compete with fiat Federal Reserve notes, which he believes would help protect the purchasing power of money."
  17. He raised 4 million dollars yesterday, .9 million higher than the record for the next closest Republican candidate. Highest online fundraiser in a day ever.
  18. What's the matter with Rudy? I thought NY did ok when he was mayor?
  19. Lots of skeletons in his closet, he's a democrat pretending to be a republican, he flip flops on issues, and just generally doesn't seem like a very trustworthy guy. That's the problem with all the candidates save thompson and paul.

    Hillary has a titty load of things hidden in her closet, lots of unexplained murders around the Clinton bunch. Odd contributions, political favors, terrifying statements, it's all there waiting for someone to attack...if the media ever decides to go after it. She also has very polarizing stances on issues and, at least to everyone I know, is seen as almost scarily untrustworthy.

    She might have the democratic vote, but she won't have the republican vote. It will, as usual, be up to the moderates god help us.
  20. murders? do explain.

    I think if you take a look in the polls as of now if it were to be a Rudy v. Hillary race that Hillary would win. No person on either side is jumping out at me but if I had to choose between the two I would go with Hillary.

    As for Paul, I like him, just dont know enough to make a conclusion about him. Thompson is done, stick a fork in him. He is very very vague on every issue.
  21. I don't know what people thought Thompson was bringing to the table in the first place.
  22. It is what it is, there have been a lot of odd murders surrounding the Clinton's associates. Then again they tend to associate with scum, so that might have something to do with it.

    That's pretty skewed considering all the factors left out of that decision. But assuming it came down to this what does Hillary offer that anyone else doesn't? I honestly don't see it. I listen to her speak and what I hear is, "blah blah standard politician bullshit that I could hear from any other candidate" followed by some ridiculous promise, "I promise that all Americans will be covered like in other countries and every child born here will get $5,000!" Woah, where are those funds gonna come from? Point being that she wants to do all sorts of crazy socialist crap that the federal government has no business doing. Even Giuliani doesn't go that far.

    lol, I like him too. I like Thompson more than anyone but paul because he was very clear on issues I care about. He is done, so is Edwards, Obama, and Richardson IIRC. I'm very happy that we have several more months to spread the word about my candidate and maybe keep moving him from his past spot of "snowballs chance in hell" to his current spot of #3 Republican contender (#$%# you naysayers) and finally to #1.

    If he did somehow get the nomination I seriously don't know what would happen. People think he's a nut and if moderates started to believe that then it's all over for the republicans. But if he keeps building and his grass roots campaign keeps spreading the correct word; this could be epic.
  23. A little more honesty than the other guys. I don't care if someone came out and told me they use their dicks as skewers to cook meat on. At this point I think people put a higher value on honesty than controversy. It's why everyone seems to be so terrified of Ron Paul, he can answer questions pretty directly instead of the usual sidestep and insert feel good response maneuver. That and the only controversy they seem to be able to dig up are some misinterpreted quotations.
  24. Giuliani: "Vote for me or DIE."
  25. Ron Paul has family that are/were circus performers. I guess that would make him Ron Paul Stilts-kin.

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