Rotaries are at a disadvatage when they race series

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  1. When rotaries race pistons in a series it is near impossible for some people to give the rotary its needed respect. Given how different engines with reciprocating pistons and rotaries are the rules will always favor one because it is impossible for them to be exactly the same. The problem comes when a rotary ends up on the podium many people will just complain and say "They only did it becuase the rules favor them." And since they are so vastly different in their worknings no one can disagree with them. But when the rules favor the normal engines and the rotary has problems due to the rule book some people will then say "Its just an inferior engine design. Why dont they give it up?" So you can see how tough it is for rotaries to get respect.
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    The only reason someone would say rotary engines are inferior would be because they are uneducated, most people would know they are ahead of their time.
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    if a rotary wanted respect it would just have to go agains't a bigger engine i.e. chevy and their sh!tty ass ls1 and when the rotary would run circles around it with roughly 1/4 the displacement i would think that commands some respect wouldn't you? I am comparing a 1996 RX-7 to a 2002 Chevy Super Sport i think it is fair! it's a 1.3 versus a 5.7 and of course the victor is the japanese manufactured rotary!
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    Rotary engines are underestimated. They rule! I guess it was the mazda rx7 banzai you checked out. It has a 2litre engine with 550hp, and does 1/4mile in 3,1 sec. But is relatively unknown, check out . Its one of the greatest cars ever made
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    Ok sorry but i think u got your numberz a lil wrong. Yes it does have a 20b (2.0 litre) w/ 550hp but it doesnt do a 1/4 in 3.1 sec more like a 11.4 sec 1/4 that that page you posted said ( not tryin to pick) and " Rotaries are at a disadvatage" I dont thank they are, the 787B did win the LM race in '91. It wasn't reacing against carz that were under powered. 787B.... a N/A 2.6L i think that iz very impressive. what other engine makez that kinda power? I do think that they don't recive the repsect that they should and that they are well before thier time.
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    have to agree with the general idea that rotors don;t get the respect they deserve, unless you live in NZ, where rotors rule.
  7. I would prefer to have a conventional piston-based engine just for durability reasons. Much more relyable than rotaries.
  8. The biggest problems with Wankel cycle engines is that they have uneven heat distribution. Other than that they make fantastic racing engines. (so much so that rotary engines have been banned from Le Mans)
  9. Which must be why the inspectors declared after this car's LeMans victory that the engine was in such good condition that it could have run another 24hr race, right? Rotary engines can be pretty damn reliable. Also, don't forget that this car "stole" a win because the piston-engined frontrunners (Mercedes and Peugeot entrants) broke!

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