rotary kick ass

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by kijambo, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. rotary engines kick ass
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    That is nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    They suuuure do.
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    they are sweet, but I am told they have some reliability problems. can anyone back me up on that or am I wrong? I read something about that in Sport Compact Car magazine. they're usually pretty good<!-- Signature -->
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    well, while i thoroughly enjoy sport compact car, thats not at all what they said. They said they were wrong in bolting on crap left and right and it put an extremely high thermal load on the engine, to the point where the o-rings grew brittle and cracked, so then exhaust fumes spill all around and well, you just get screwed my friend. The moral of the story is, treat you engines well, no matter what type it is. Any engine will break down if you beat on it long enough
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    They are awsome. Its just too bad that this is the last year of production for the rx-7. Will the RX-8 have a rotary
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    yes but not a turbo... it is supposed to have around 230 or so horses i dont remember there was an article about it in road and track a couple months ago
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    This car blows. You get what you pay for.... lamborghini rules.
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    This car blows. You get what you pay for.... lamborghini rules.
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    Man you really own a lamborghini.Like you'll ever get to own one.
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    The RX8 has 254HP, non turbo, 9000revs!!
    A liitle powerfull badass rotary engine if I say so!
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    Rotary engines are one of the best internal combustion powerplants out there, in my mind. It's just too bad Mazda is one of the only companies to experiment with this engine, so the Rotary never got to it's true development and power potential. The rotary craze died a while ago, and so with it the evolution of rotary engines, although Mazda has done a damn fine job with their new 250hp non-turbo rotary engine in the RX-8, just imagine the power potential there with a turbo!
    And the reason the engines need to be rebuilt every 80,000 miles or so depending on how hard you drive it, is because the apex seals and the rotors wear down reducing compression and causing leaks. But other than that they are rather reliable. They can also be hard to find parts for, and a skilled mechanic that knows rotaries.
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    Nah you are rite. Not very good long term.
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    I think ur wrong cause the rotary race cars for LeMans are really good
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    yep. . thats why the 4 rotor mazda at lemans got banned. . too dam good and too dam fast
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    IM not a bigy in terms of rotary's but i know them fairly well. i used to own a 87 RX-7. It punted hard. i mena hard. weighing 960 kgs, and with 240 hp added up nicly.
    THe new RX-8 will have a new version that wont be turboed but the bore will be filled out farther to get an estimated max of 350hp. thats from an aussie mag.
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    And the Aussie's are always right!

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