Roush 360R vs. Z06

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    stock vs stock the zo6 would win in the 0-60 and 1/4 mile I don't know about handling. And as for the $1000 turbo kit thats bs, just a turbo it self is well over $1000 + exauhst manifolds + larger fuel pump + injectors + ductwork + reprogramer + oil lines and if the zo6 doesn't have forged internals you'll need those. Should I go on? If you want to go for cheap mods to win the race you can buy a smaller pully for the saleen for $25 and boost horsepower to well over 400 at the wheels.

    Zero to 60 mph 4.3 sec
    Zero to 100 mph 10.1 sec
    Zero to 130 mph 17.7 sec
    Street start, 5-60 mph 4.7 sec
    Standing 1/4-mile 12.9 sec @ 111 mph
    Top speed (drag limited) 164 mph
    Braking, 70-0 mph 185 ft
    Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad 0.91 g

    Zero to 60 mph 4.3 sec
    Zero to 100 mph 10.0 sec
    Standing 1/4-mile 12.7 @ 113 mph
    Top speed 168 mph
    Braking, 70-0 mph 152 ft

    I got all this info from a car and driver article about the 360r. here it is
  2. i own number 20 of the red and white ones the vette may be faster do not know. but it sure is fun driving my 360r and gets a lot more looks.i got more attention from my 1968 Shelby 500kr. so what does it matter just go out and have some fun. like the old saying goes[injection is nice but id rather be blown].of course like every thing i cant leave anything gear change and smaller blower pulley.even my Shelby was built pumping a ground pounding 500 plus horse.just do it.

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