Rover Mini?

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  1. Is there any difference from other Mini companies?<!-- Signature -->
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    I assume that you mean Austin and British Leyland. That are all the same company that got various rebrandings over the years.
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    it's called Rover, because that's when Rover bought Mini.
    use to belond to Austin, which later was bought out.
    today it's called BMW mini...
    the owner of Mini, has their name first, that's the way it has been.
    still i beleive, bmw should have sold it along with rover to ford...
    but who knwos what the future shows.
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    The Mini has been owned by a few different companies over the years. It started with BMC, later sold to Leyland, went to Rover and then BMW. Austin and Morris made 2 variations - the only differences were trim such as different grills, stearing wheels, badges etc. but were essentially the same car. The Mini has changed very little and the Rover body is almost exactly the same as the 1959 Mini.
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    From BMC to MG Rover it was the same family and wasn't sold to anyone. BMC, British Leyland, Austin Rover, Rover and MG Rover are basically the same company with name changes.

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