Royal Brunei car collection (Sultan of Brunei)

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  1. McF1 #005 has escaped!
  2. Hey man! I first got info on the SultanĀ“s cars right here on your thread. Any chance of us getting access to those wonderful pics again? Are they also elsewhere?

    Holy shit!

    This guy is uploading photos from around 2001.

    Many of these cars, like LM5 have never been photographed I don't think!

    Sebas you really need to put your photos up somewhere again. Would probably take forever but it'd be amazing if you could. The world needs to see these cars as they were/are.
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    OMG, I haven't been here for so long! Amazing this place is still online :D

    I've gotta find out who took these pics. Awesome stuff. I've had some of the older ones for years... Exactly the same, but I think from a different source. Would love to hear the stories from the photographer. Funny to see some of the old names I know from SCN, Fchat, AMF, etc replying on instagram. Or some that I didn't recognize, but apparently know me :D Would love to get in contact with some again.

    No way Ive got the time to make a new gallery atm :p I've sometimes thought about making a website (or at least something better than a forum with a seperate picture gallery), but that would take some serious effort. Would love to make a page with not just the pics, but also info about the cars, history and people involved...
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  5. Hi Basman007,

    Pleased to meet You here.
    Good idea.
    We should compile all of our pictures in one place and put detailed info on the cars.

    Talk to You soon, will email to You later today.

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