RS 6 Avant/M5 Touring/E 63 AMG T

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    the fastest station wagon is built by Audi, no other can beat it at the track, not even the BMW M5 Touring whcih is as sporty as the RS6 but not as good as a daily driver due to the nervous SMG.

    but the best super sports station wagon is built by Mercedes, the E63 is very save, the best daily driver, the best compromise between comfort and sportiness, at the track not that much slower as the RS6 or M5.

    the M5 is a bargain compared to the RS6 and E 63 T AMG, porbably the best buy for the sporty driver who doesn´t care about the high revving engine and nervous SMG

    track times, Contidrome:

    1:34.00 - Audi RS6 Avant
    1:34.81 - BMW M5 Touring
    1:36.00 - Mercedes E 63 T AMG
  2. Its obviosly that weight matters. RS6 isnt much faster in acceleration despite the heavy power advantage.
  3. Surprised to see the Audi is the most economicle.
  4. audi please.
  5. OK BMW and Audi (RS& wins but has more power)
    quite bad E63
  7. The avant looks hotter than the sedan.
  8. If this were sedans, I'd take the CLS or the E but Audi has a strangle hold on the Wagon market.

    RS6 for sure.
  9. RS6 is the best choice..But I think the M5 is much more fun to drive
  10. You are making NO sense!
  11. This is pretty much the league where every contender is "fast enough" for me. None of them would become a frequent track toy of mine due to their weight, so seeing all they'd do is cruise me (rapidly) from A to B, my choice is merely subjective. Might as well just go with the Benz then.
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    Wanted the RS6 till I found out it weighs more than 4000lbs. Mercedes weighs as much and the M5 looks ugly. I wont go for any of those cars.

    I prefer the MTM supercharged RS4 instead.

    Peak Power: 540 bhp @ 8220 rpm
    Peak Torque: 413 lb-ft @ 3700 rpm
    0-62 mph: 3.9 sec.
    Top Speed: 199 mph
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    A V8 A6 already weighs more then 4000lbs, what made you think this would be lighter?
  14. I is a n00b
  17. M5. For that one main reason.

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