RUF CTR 3 on the road

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    First production car, belongs to a romanian owner.
    He has a number a RUF`s and had also an RT12.
  2. so basically they made a car that looks almost identical to the CGT, costs as much as the CGT, but sucks compared to the CGT. awesome work RUF.
  3. It doesn't look anything like a CGT and how does it suck?
  4. Are you blind?
  5. He's right, it doesn't look like a CGT.
  6. Stop trolling!
  7. I think it looks like the CGT in a lot of ways, and it sucks when compared relatively to the CGT.
  8. How the hell do you know it sucks? Do you know anything about Ruf and the previous CTR's? This should be faster than the CGT.
  9. Yeah it is much faster than a CGT with those huge turbos, but overall when comparing technical specs (engine type/placement, frame, suspension setup) the CGT is the much better car. I can make a civic faster than the CTR3 but it doesnt mean it will be a better car.
  10. the CTR3 is pretty much amazing in every way. Hardly some slapped together piece of junk.
  11. doesn't look like a CGT, except from the frontal 3/4 angle (more front).
  12. passionless compared to CGT
  13. Does not really look like the CGT.

    I actually like this more than the CGT.
  14. lol

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