RUF-CTR @ Nurburgring

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by WhiteChocolateWorld, Dec 22, 2004.

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  3. haha yeah, the driver's stress level has to be through the roof. just watch the concentration and precision needed to keep the car on the road. I hate my Taurus.
  4. DAMN! That driver's got some skills! Man was he moving! I love that vid
  5. That vid is ancient but one of my fav's....pure awesomeness.
  6. You guys probably won't believe it, but that was my Auto's teacher. Last name Kucab. He showed us the whole vid in class, with some shots from the factory and he was there wiring some sh!t. I can tell from the rear view mirror it's just like him. He works at a neighboring school, same district. I think I'll visit him. He used to work for RUF for a while, and then moved back here. Cool guy, but can't stay on a topic and teach a class.
  7. I believe you but what do you call an "Auto's teacher"

    was he your driving instructor?
  8. Some schools have a class called "Auto Shop", you just learn about cars and get tested on how they work. This guy was his teacher.
  9. that cars is a handful
  10. his driving style is very similar to mine, i should get some pointers from him.
  11. Nice driving! That car was sliding everywere.
  12. that guy has a death wish
  13. lol. stupid honda fanboy.
  14. Shutup man. It did that time for real. Everyone knows when the VTEC kicked in it can do sub 8 minute laps backwards.

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