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  1. Luke you are full of shit
  2. it looks damn strange,like 2 or 3 cars thrown together! the rims simply suck.
  3. Few tuning companies could come even close to this. It's simply gorgeous.
    I like the details similar to the 959.
  4. The new RUF CTR3

    Exactly 20 years after the legendary CTR “Yellow Bird” and 10 years after the second CTR, RUF announces the all new CTR3. The RUF CTR3 was presented at the grand opening of the new RUF facility in Bahrain. While the first two CTR generations still had their engines in the rear, the new CTR3 has a mid engine design. However, one thing that the CTR3 has in common with its two predecessors is that it is a pure driving machine. The CTR3 is made to involve the driver in the driving experience.

    The mid engine design provides exceptional balance and agile handling, while the longer wheel base provides better driving stability at high speed. The body of the CTR3 is a completely new development which is not based on any existing mid engine concept. It is aerodynamically designed for high speed. The body is constructed in steel, aluminium and kevlar-carbon. Zinc dipped steel is used for the front structure and the passenger compartment. The engine and transmission are fixed in a space frame and birdcage. The passenger compartment is protected the latest version of the famous RUF Integrated Roll Cage which is integrated into the A pillar and birdcage. The doors, with integrated side impact protection beams, and the front hood are made of aluminum. The body shell is made of kevlar-carbon composite.
    The body styling was created by Ben Soderberg, who is responsible for the RUF design.

    RUF has 30 years of experience with turbo charged boxer engines. The CTR3’s twin turbo charged 3.8 liter flat six cylinder engine has an output of 700hp at 7,000 rpm. The maximum torque is 657 ft/lbs at 4,000 rpm. This engine design combines a compact construction with high performance. Each turbo charger is provided an intercooler which is placed in front of each rear wheel.
    The sequential shift six speed transmission in the CTR3 is a new design and is transversally mounted. It can manage torque of up to 885 ft/lbs. A shift indicator on the dashboard shows the gear in use. A limited slip differential is provided to maximize performance.

    The sport suspension is designed for high level driving dynamics and safety. The front axles use McPherson struts and an anti-roll bar. The rear axles utilize motor sport technology with horizontal coil over shock absorbers fixed over push rods connected to the wheel carriers.
    The brake system is designed to match the high performance of the engine and suspension. Both front and rear axles utilize 6 piston fixed light alloy calipers and ventilated, cross drilled ceramic composite discs. Each brake disc is 380mm in diameter. A specially designed Bosch anti-lock braking system is standard.

    The CTR3 rolls on forged aluminum wheels with central locking. At the front 255/35 ZR 19” tires are mounted on 8.5” X 19” wheels, while at the rear 335/30 ZR 20” tires are mounted on 12.5” X 20” wheels.
    The interior can be designed to the customer’s taste, from a functional light weight finish to sporty luxury finish with a leather and alcantera. The aluminum gear shift lever for the sequential shift transmission is a central unit to the interior. In addition, the 260 mph speedometer shows the driver that the CTR3 is made for high performance.

    The lightweight construction allows for an empty weight (according to DIN) of 3,086 lbs. The result is a power to weight ratio of only 4.4lbs per hp.
    The performance of the CTR3 is incredible. The acceleration from 0-100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) takes only 3.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 375 kph (235mph).

    The sale price will be Euro 380,000.00 (plus VAT).
  5. RUF CTR 3 at the Formula 1 in Bahrain

    The brand new RUF CTR 3 can be viewed from the 13th - 15th April 2007 during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain at the new RUF facility next to the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).

    any pics?
  6. The CTR2 came out in 1997?
  7. Amazing car!;-) But the price...:-/
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    CTR3 launch:
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    Looks very professional for a somewhat "small" company... +1 Ruf.
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    LULZ, they link to
  11. Well, I'm not claiming to be an expert... nor am I claiming to have ridden a lot of motorcycles, but every one I rode (4 if you count my grandfather's old 3-wheeler... there's danger for ya), you could upshift without using the clutch. Just a slight throttle lift and toe up and you're in the next gear.
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    LOL at AutoExpress:

    It's the 220mph Cayman
    Meet the fastest Porsche Cayman in the world!

    Porsche Cayman CTR3 twin-turbo has 700bhp

    Not content with the standard car's performance, German firm RUF has created this modified model with 700bhp that can do 220mph.

    Called the CTR3, it follows in the tracks of the 911-based CTR and CTR2 models, and has a 3.8-litre twin-turbo flat-six engine beneath its bespoke aluminium and carbon fibre body. The car costs £200,000 and was launched at RUF's factory in Bahrain. Rumour suggests the firm is considering leaving Germany completely to escape EU emissions laws - and that Porsche could follow suit!

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    ok thats the last news I will read from autoexpress.
  14. How does Porsche leaving for Bahrain help them get around EU emission laws. Are not the EU laws based on where the cars are sold and used, not on where the manufacturer is based ??
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    Ruf response to 9ff's Porsches

    20 years after Ruf's CTR Yellow Bird, German tuner creates 690bhp flagship out of Porsche 997

    Hot on the heels of the Veyron-baiting 9ff GT9, another Porsche tuner is to launch its own 911-based supercar. Early rumours suggested that the Ruf CTR3 was to use the Cayman as its starting point, but boss Alois Ruf says that, despite being mid-engined, the 690bhp machine uses a rollcage- strengthened 997 floorpan as its starting point.

    The CTR3 will be powered by Ruf’s own reworked 3.8-litre Porsche flat-six fitted with a pair of KKK turbochargers and intercoolers. Drive will be through the rear wheels via a sequential six-speed gearbox, which is operated by a lever rather than more-fashionable paddles.

    Peak power arrives at 7000rpm, while the thumping maximum torque figure of 657lb ft is delivered at 4000rpm. The CTR3's 1475kg kerb weight means a power-to-weight figure of 475bhp per ton, easily out-muscling the Porsche Carrera GT. Performance should be spectacular as a result, with Ruf claiming a top speed of 235mph and 0-62mph in just 3.2sec.

    The CTR3 uses the aluminium bonnet and doors from the 911 Turbo while the rest of the low-drag bodyshell, designed in-house by Ben Soderberg, has been constructed from a carbon-Kevlar composite. Behind the 20in wheels are six-piston brake callipers and ceramic discs front and rear.

    A test car will be ready in July, and naturally Ruf will use it to go chasing Nürburgring production car records. Although Alois Ruf won't be drawn on what lap time they expect to achieve, it's likely to be significantly under the 7min 30sec mark.

    It’s 20 years since the launch of the legendary CTR ‘Yellow Bird’, and the CTR3 is set to be a fitting celebration of that anniversary. Ruf says he's already taken 30 orders, although just 20 of the £300,000 supercars will be built each year, with the first deliveries scheduled for October.

  16. so this is actually based on the Cayman then?
  17. yep
  18. No it isn't. Read the press release again. It's based on the 997 floor pan:

    "Early rumours suggested that the Ruf CTR3 was to use the Cayman as its starting point, but boss Alois Ruf says that, despite being mid-engined, the 690bhp machine uses a rollcage- strengthened 997 floorpan as its starting point."
  19. I would totally take one in satin yellow like that. Now, where did that lottery ticket go??

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